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  1. Drifter in the Dark

    Tried cleaning/polishing some cymbals: REALLY disappointing

    Groove Juice works well for me. At this point I refuse to use any "home remedies" (Bar Keeper's Friend, etc.) to clean my cymbals.
  2. Drifter in the Dark

    Flat Base Hardware Opinions

    As far as vintage looks are concerned, I think the Tama Classic series stands take the cake. They are very much inspired by the old Ludwig stands, right down to the shape of the wing nuts, the Speed King/Spur-Lok style footboards on the pedals, and the oversized rubber claws on the snare drum...
  3. Drifter in the Dark

    Flat Base Hardware Opinions

    I've used the Gibraltar flat-base stands (1 boom, 1 straight) for a few years now, and I love them! They can support larger 20 and 22-inch ride cymbals with ease. I've never had an issue with one tipping over, even with the boom arm extended 3 or 4 inches. As far as the drum-key bolts for the...
  4. Drifter in the Dark

    Sharp Edges on Zildjian Hi-Hats

    The customer service rep from Zildjian emailed me back yesterday and said that he could provide me with a UPS shipping label so that I may ship the cymbals back to the factory to be re-edged. Hopefully this will be the solution to my problem!
  5. Drifter in the Dark

    Upgrading Hi-Hat & Snare Stand

    Absolutely! I've been using the same Yamaha 700 series single-braced cymbal & hi-hat stands for the past 10 years, and they've held up amazingly well! It just might be my favorite hardware- lightweight & easy to carry, yet still very durable.
  6. Drifter in the Dark

    Plexiglass - but a little different.

    I think it's cool that the small plexiglass shields can be mounted to cymbal stands, but aside from having to lug around more hardware, the disadvantage is that you'll have all those extra stands cluttering up the drum riser.
  7. Drifter in the Dark

    And just like that, you hate your current gear...

    You're really onto something there. I've heard of players using Gretsch kick drums, especially in the studio, regardless of which toms or snare they have. Jon Fishman of Phish has used a 22x14 Gretsch for almost his entire career with the band. Also, Tony Williams' little 18x14 Gretsch "bop"...
  8. Drifter in the Dark

    Weird Acrolite

    I've had some issues before with having to "press fit" Remo heads on drums, but not with Evans heads. Really, that's something you should never have to do at all. Evans heads are slightly oversized around the collar & hoop so that the flat part of the drumhead film always sits flush on the...
  9. Drifter in the Dark

    What’s the “Supra” of Piccolos?

    Yamaha's piccolo snares always sound fantastic! Brass is a popular choice (as singleflammedmill mentioned), but the wood-shell drums are also great! I have a 14x4 Maple Custom Absolute with hook lugs and die-cast aluminum hoops. The level of sensitivity and articulation just blows me away every...
  10. Drifter in the Dark

    Slingerland Heads

    I think a good starting point is to try a single-ply coated batter head, such as a Remo Ambassador or Evans UV1, and a 3-mil snare-side head such as the Evans 300 mentioned above. From there, you can add muffling as desired.
  11. Drifter in the Dark

    Need advice for cheap jazz cymbals set

    Istanbul cymbals has a lower-priced series called Xist that would be good for jazz; they still have the warm, dark tone you'd expect from a Turkish-made cymbal. Wuhan is also a decent-quality option. There's another Chinese company called Dream that makes cymbals, and theirs tend to be a little...
  12. Drifter in the Dark

    Rack setup with only one Tom?

    Just wanted to say, that's a very nice setup! They look like Yamaha Live Custom series drums. I've heard them before, and they're really loud, but in a good (musical) way!
  13. Drifter in the Dark

    Bought a Ludwig Acrolite Today

    Since your drum looks like it's pretty new, I wouldn't worry about the strainer just yet. But...the thing about P-85's is that they tend to become a little "dodgy" as they wear out over time. Eventually it'll be difficult to engage the snares from the "off" position, and you'll have to give the...
  14. Drifter in the Dark

    New heads for an old drum

    The Ludwig Weather Master medium is a single-ply coated head, much like a Remo Ambassador. The blue Emperor you're thinking about using is a 2-ply head, which will sound substantially different than the Weather Master, especially since it's clear and not coated. You can put a clear head on a...
  15. Drifter in the Dark

    Cheap Pedal?

    I'm with you on this one! I have a DW 5000 hi-hat stand with a solid plate, and for the club gigs I do, it's definitely overkill. Having to tighten and loosen the 4 drum-key bolts on the bottom every time you set up or tear down is a real pain, not to mention it's the heaviest item in my entire...
  16. Drifter in the Dark

    How good of a deal is this?

    I have a '68 Acrolite as well, and I love it! Much like the OP, I got mine as part of a complete student snare kit with a case, stand, drum key, practice pad, etc., for $100. The practice pad was even in the original cardboard box- it's a time capsule, for sure! The best part about the snare...
  17. Drifter in the Dark

    Sharp Edges on Zildjian Hi-Hats

    Oh trust me, I have no intention of doing that! I figured maybe Zildjian could round the edges for me a bit, because they're the experts and they have the proper equipment, (That's what I'm hoping anyway!) Another thing I had considered was getting a Z Custom "Dyno Beat" hi-hat battom and making...
  18. Drifter in the Dark

    Modern Drummer article out this month

    Richard Spaven is the man! I love how understated and thoughtful his playing is.
  19. Drifter in the Dark

    Is it dumb of me to buy Constantinople?

    If you find yourself drawn to the sound of K Constantinople's, you may also want to consider getting a cymbal from one of the Turkish manufacturers (Istanbul Agop, Bosphorus, Soultone, Heartbeat, etc.) I have a 20-inch Istanbul Agop "Traditional Original" ride that sounds absolutely amazing. K...
  20. Drifter in the Dark

    Show us your Four Piece Kits.

    Here's a photo of my Mapex 4-piece (20x16, 12x8, 14x14) from a gig I played this past Saturday!