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    How to adjust hi-hat pedal?

    I have a Yamaha hs650a hi-hat: It feels to me like the angle of the pedal is way too 'steep'. For example, when I want to open, it seems like I have to flex my foot back way too far. I am fairly confident...
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    Maybe this is where the term "Kick" drum came from

    Well, I'm impressed (always been a fan):
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    DTX562 issues

    I just got my brand new DTX562 a couple weeks ago. I love it, but I am having some problems: 1. When I hit the "closed rim shot" zone of the snare, sometimes it triggers the regular snare sound, not the closed rim shot. A single hit is usually fine, but if I try to roll, there will be lots of...
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    Yamaha 520/530 vs Roland td 4/6

    I am a guitar/keyboard/etc guy with a decent home studio and I want to get an e-kit. I will use it for recording mostly, but I like the training and coaching functionality some of them have. I am going nuts trying to figure out the alternatives. Right now, I am leaning towards the Yamaha 530...
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    Help with Roland, etc

    First, let me say I've learned a lot just reading on this forum, and I thank you all for it. Some of you may be tired of the questions I have (I have searched and read through as much as I could find), but there are about a jillion options I'm trying to figure out, and I would really appreciate...