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  1. toddbishop

    Playing as if you are listening?

    Listen to it again when you've forgotten what you were trying to play, and what you thought you sounded like in the moment. It's probably fine. Every time I do that it sounds fine. If you didn't sound fine, those guys wouldn't have played with you for hours and hours. Maybe Weckl is at a place...
  2. toddbishop

    Recommended listening for Jazz 3/4?

    Thanks for the mentions and links you guys. A few of my favorites-- that spotify list is good too...
  3. toddbishop

    How should I balance learning from books and learning from music?

    Playalongs serve a purpose, they just don't duplicate real playing. You can practice playing some notes with them. I use them as an alternative kind of metronome.
  4. toddbishop

    How should I balance learning from books and learning from music?

    Learning to read isn't the only reason to use it-- there's a total concept involved that's the foundation of everything you do on the drums, that goes well beyond simply learning to accompany a melodic part or learning tunes. You could do the same stuff with actual charts or lead sheets--...
  5. toddbishop

    How should I balance learning from books and learning from music?

    Listen to a lot of records, and play with people as much as you can. If anyone in your area is playing music live right now, go see them play. See the people you want to play with, with the drummer they already use. The Reed methods in the Dawson book (and elsewhere) teach you to read the way...
  6. toddbishop

    I am rubbish. Online lesson/structured practice recommendations?

    Get private lessons with a competent player-- via skype/zoom/facetime right now, obviously. The online products that don't involve live interaction with a person are a waste of time and money. Some small percentage of drumming videos on youtube are OK, but figuring out what applies *to you*...
  7. toddbishop

    Inspirational Quotes

    Kurt Vonnegut on why you do things: “When I was 15, I spent a month working on an archeological dig. I was talking to one of the archeologists one day during our lunch break and he asked those kinds of “getting to know you” questions you ask young people: Do you play sports? What’s your...
  8. toddbishop

    I don’t like teaching little kids.

    This is where you have to use your ingenuity to figure out what you *can* teach them. If they can’t do what you’re trying to get them to do, you have to break it down further. Or differently. They can be taught. Most little kids are not into music, so your job them is to prepare them for when...
  9. toddbishop

    Playing accents

    Since Jeff is too classy to link to it: Buy The Level System. That thing I clipped was from Dahlgren & Fine's Accent on Accents.
  10. toddbishop

    Playing accents

    Old question, but learn the level system-- where the rebound of each stroke stops at the right height for the following stroke. Nothing Moeller-like about it whatsoever [or: see Jeff's answer]. f= high stroke that ends high d = down stroke - high stroke that ends low t = low stroke that ends...
  11. toddbishop

    Double stroke on single bass drum pedal

    This is ordinary technique, no special technique required. You just need to get the beater off the drum quickly after the first note, so you can make another note. Look at your current technique and figure out how to do that. Medium tension is fine, you don't need to adjust your pedal. I...
  12. toddbishop

    Do Any Drummers NOT Use a Kick Drum

    I believe Masahiko Togashi didn't use one:
  13. toddbishop

    Al Foster is The Greatest

    All his stuff with Joe Henderson is great-- State of the Tenor is my favorite. He's got that deep R&B groove happening that you don't hear in too many younger players.
  14. toddbishop

    Counting notes is 2/4

    That tablature is correct, for what I was saying-- and yes, they're almost the same. The IJ rhythms are simply 1e&a 2e&a, with a double stroke on the &-- they picked a really stupid way to write it.
  15. toddbishop

    When can you call yourself a drummer?

    Literally you're a drummer whenever you're playing the drums, or when you're doing it on any kind of consistent basis. Beyond that, there's a nice quote from Rufus Jones: "First prove to yourself that you are a drummer." That's a taller order. But a better question might be when can I say I...
  16. toddbishop

    Counting notes is 2/4

    I never count those, except very slowly, to demonstrate the timing. For the first one I might count 1 e &-trip-let. I don't know of any standardized syllables for counting 32nd notes, so for the second one I would count it in half time-- IJ alone would be 1 & 2e&. (updated the following...
  17. toddbishop

    Notation question: what is (9) or (11)

    Usually the even-numbered rolls have two accented singles-- either both at the beginning, or both at the end, or one on each end. Things labeled 6 stroke roll usually have an accent at each end. All of the roll names count double strokes and the release-- or a tap at the beginning. So a 7...
  18. toddbishop

    SEEKING INFO - Who tf is DICK CULLY? (bitter, twisted old Buddy Rich sycophant on YouTube)

    I'm shocked that the OP has vanished. Kid signed up to run around with his pants down for awhile, and split.
  19. toddbishop

    For the teachers: your first lesson...what do you teach?

    It's mostly centered around reading, very little about technique unless they do something that's going to be an immediate problem. Or if they specifically want to talk about technique. With total beginners I explain how notation works, and get them reading and counting quarter notes and quarter...
  20. toddbishop

    What are you listening to right now?

    Freddie Hubbard / Straight Life - Jack Dejohnette on drums