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    "Pad Book"

    I think we can come to the conclusion that drum books have crappy covers. No rivals for the Sargeant Pepper record.
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    No Room For Squares, Live at the Dakota

    Had no idea. Sorry. I'd just find it online, if you so desire.
  3. J

    My Band, Last Night at The Dakota
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    "Pad Book"

    In response to the accusations that I was advertising Ms. Nille's book, and the dismissal of my old-fartedness: I discovered Ms. Nille's book in a metal cabinet at Chester Groth music. I grabbed it, because, looking down at the stack, I saw it was the thickest one in the row. I picked it up...
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    No Room For Squares, Live at the Dakota

    Here's my band, No Room For Squares, recorded last night, May 6, at the Dakota Bar and Grill
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    Does Chris Dave use Mike Mangini's 'shiver' technique?

    Looks to me like Chris is doing the matched "Tony Williams" grip. Looks like he's gripping solidly with his back three fingers. Sometimes, he has the index finger up top. I see no wobbling or finger technique. I suspect he works his roll on a soft surface for muscular strength. It's a short...
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    Jazz soloing: Filling, phrasing, voicing, trading 4's 8's, vocabulary.

    Good posting. Good advice. Great Father!
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    "Pad Book"

    I don't have time to do a detailed review as suggested elsewhere on the forum. And I'm not much into "star ratings,"etc. But the other day, while rifling the drum book file cabinets at Chester Groth Music (They have more books than I've seen anywhere), I stumbled across this 300 page book on...
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    Revisiting Jim Chapin's book

    So many of the classic "greats" studied from this book, that, if you want to play jazz, you ought to study it. An old mentor of mine, Paul Lagos, had studied with Philly Joe Jones. On Paul's copy of Chapin, Philly had written "Holy Bible" near the banner. I think John Riley's book "Bop Drumming"...
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    How to become a more musical drummer

    Well put, Paul. I'm sitting here, watching Al Foster playing with Joe Henderson. Al personifies the musical philosophy Moses writes about. By the way, "Drum Wisdom" is a treasure.
  11. J

    Al Foster is The Greatest

    Last year, at the start of the COVID horror, my wife and I --anticipating the coming months-- bought a big flat-screened television with sound system to go with it. Didn't know what I was missing. My wife goes to bed early. I punch up You Tube and play vids of my favorite musicians. For the last...
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    Rick Dior - Chapin Book Series

    Dior comes across in his vids as a real gentleman. And he certainly knows his shite. He's the real deal as a drum teacher.
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    Okay, Let's Concentrate on Singles

    I've worked my entire life practicing the rudiments. Sure, I've worked on single strokes. Who hasn't? But lately, I've been working on the single stroke exercises at the back of Ted Reed's Syncopation. Eighth notes, triplets, sixteenths, with all the accent variations, and playing the accents on...
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    What's the one exercise you are doing right now that's having the biggest impact on your playing?

    I practice the solos from Charlie Wilcoxon Swing Solos. I play a lot of ride cymbal time, bebop style, while feathering. Long time. Play along to records.
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    What's the one exercise you are doing right now that's having the biggest impact on your playing?

    Do you own one of those metronomes that omit measures to test your accuracy?
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    Crossing Over

    Go to the 7:00 mark:
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    Teaching drums: tips and such, from a teacher's perspective

    I taught lessons and found that I really haven't the temperment for it. I worked at a music store, and the kid would come in and tell me he hadn't practiced the lesson from the week before. Okay, what now? We go over the lesson again. Returns a week later with the same result. Then I ask if...
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    One Coordination exercise to improve many things

    You sound terrific, man. Salut'
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    Questions about the ankle technique?

    Hey, it seems to me that you just ought to relax. I've never heard of "ankle technique." Do you mean with your heel up? You need to relax to play slower. And you need to relax to play faster, actually. Not sure about what style of music you're after. But at slower tempos I play with my heel down.
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    Thoughts/reviews of Beyond Bop Drumming by John Riley?

    It's undoubtedly a great book, and useful. I do think that John sometimes throws in too many variations too early. Perhaps I'm too slow. I love the early section where he has you playing those three-beat figures against the ride. He's also a first-class writer. His essay on playing time in a...