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    My Band, Last Night at The Dakota
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    No Room For Squares, Live at the Dakota

    Here's my band, No Room For Squares, recorded last night, May 6, at the Dakota Bar and Grill
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    "Pad Book"

    I don't have time to do a detailed review as suggested elsewhere on the forum. And I'm not much into "star ratings,"etc. But the other day, while rifling the drum book file cabinets at Chester Groth Music (They have more books than I've seen anywhere), I stumbled across this 300 page book on...
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    Al Foster is The Greatest

    Last year, at the start of the COVID horror, my wife and I --anticipating the coming months-- bought a big flat-screened television with sound system to go with it. Didn't know what I was missing. My wife goes to bed early. I punch up You Tube and play vids of my favorite musicians. For the last...
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    Okay, Let's Concentrate on Singles

    I've worked my entire life practicing the rudiments. Sure, I've worked on single strokes. Who hasn't? But lately, I've been working on the single stroke exercises at the back of Ted Reed's Syncopation. Eighth notes, triplets, sixteenths, with all the accent variations, and playing the accents on...
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    DW 6000

    Replaced my old Tama/Camco with the DW6000. Nice pedal. Single chain, simple, but fast. Once I learned to deal with the velcro on the heel plate (just put a magazine under the heel before adjusting pedal or position) I was enjoying the "feel of the feathering."
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    Tony's "Bible."

    I exchanged messages with a fellow who was friends with Tony Williams. He mentioned that Tony referred to Adler's "Buddy Rich's Snare Drum Rudiments" as "The Bible." I know that he was Alan Dawson's first student, and began lessons prior to the publication of "Syncopation." The Rich book has...
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    A Jazz Drummer's "Stickitis"

    I played nothing by Vic Firth SD4 Combos for 25 years. When I moved back to St. Paul, began to try other sticks...and other sticks...other sticks. I like the Vater Sweet Rides, the VF AJ-3 Jazz sticks, Keith Carlock's VF, and Dennis Chamber's Zildjian model. But I always end up playing my VF...
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    DW 6000 is one fine pedal.

    For 20 years, I used solely the Camco/Tama chain pedal. I recently bought another off Devil Bay, and it came with an aftermarket cam, and I gave up. I bought the closest thing I could find to the pedal, a dw6000. And it was a good choice. It's a fine pedal that I can be really happy with.
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    This LIttle Tyros Piss Me Off!

    I've been in this racket since the late 60s. Had a good, professional run and still lead a good bebop group. I still work hard at the craft. But the kids that get posted on my FB page can be unbelievable good players. They post these wunderkind nearly every day. Yesterday someone sent a vid of a...
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    Vintage Camco/Tama vs DW 6000

    I'm a jazz drummer who enjoys lightweight accoutrements. I've used a tama/camco pedal for years. But they're no longer made. And the used ones I see for sale on Reverb or Ebay look in pretty sad condition. The closest I can find in style to the Camco/Tama is the DW 6000 pedal, which seems a good...
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    Observations on Two Month's Ownership of Canopus NV60s.

    To make short work of it, I remain in love with this kit. Played only two gigs with them (owing to the virus), but they played and sounded terrific. dru Since purchasing these drums, to other friends of mine ordered NV60s for themselves. The M1 snare drum is my favorite. It has "Philly Joe"...
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    Who has a Tama/Camco pedal the wish to dump?

    I'm looking for the original Hoshino Camco/Tama single chain pedal. Please leave a ms, and I'll call or contact. Thanks.
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    Choice of Jazz Hi Hat Cymbals

    With this modern plague going on, it's difficult to get out and try various hi hat cymbals. I think I have narrowed my choice. Being a hand-hammered fan and a jazz drummer, I'm thinking of getting a set of Agop 30th Anniversary 14-inchers, OR the Zildjian Constantinople "new and improved" hats...
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    Carter McClean Book

    I picked up Carter McClean's new book, "Drumset: Concepts and Creativity," after reading that it was voted top drum book by Modern Drummer magazine. It came in the mail today...and I must admit that I'm underwhelmed, less-that-impressed. It features and exercise called The Kaleid. oscope. Its a...
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    Any other owners of Canopus NV60s here?

    I'd like to be able to dish with other owners of Canopus NV60s for comparing notes, etc. Leave a note.
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    Canopus "Hazy" Snare Drum Head

    I recently got a set of Canopus NV60s, and they are terrific. The drums came with standared remo ambassadors, EXCEPT for the snare's batter head, which is stamped Canopus "Hazy." I'm crazy for the snare drum--it's sound and feel. But remo doesn't offer a "hazy" ambassador batter head. I'm a...
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    Remember: It's All About Emotion and Feel

    I often see impressive videos of drummers playing transcriptions of great solos, either on a kit or a snare. However, though many get the notes and technique spot on, they play completely devoid of musical feeling. Remember, no feeling, no music; no feeling, no groove. Also, drummers need to...
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    Agop 30th Anniversary Hi Hats.

    I'm after some thinner 15 inch hi hats. I was thinking about Zildjian K. Lights. Another I'm considering are the Agop 30th Anniversary hats. Anybody own the Agops? Never played them. Send me the report. Thanks.
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    Copped a Canopus NV60 Bop Kit.

    Took delivery last week of a new champagne wrapped Canopus NV60 bop kit, and I've never been happier with a set of drums. I'm an old bop drummer who's been with Gretsch since '75. I'm not like some of you--I've only owned one kit at a time, and had had only two Gretsch kits in the last 40...