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  1. CM2112


    It’s been a while since PDPs worst days (21 years they’ve been around). Anyone having problems with PDP hardware and/or drums?
  2. CM2112

    Mapex are my crush

    Ok right now I have a pearl export, but I really want a Mapex Saturn for a professional level kit, and just my dream kit. I feel Mapex are the superior name in drums, due to their innovation, and all around sound, but also Sonors, but those are super expensive. Every time I get an email from a...
  3. CM2112

    Need help with independence

    Any suggestions or exercises I will take.
  4. CM2112

    Favorite Drummers

    If I had to make a Top Ten 1. Neil Peart. 2. Danny Carey 3. Keith Moon 4. John Bonham 5. Dave Weckl 6. Carl Palmer 7. Stewart Copeland 8. Virgil Donati 9. Vinnie Colaiuta 10. Louise Bellson honorable mentions (guys who should be on the list, but was hard or indecisive where I should put them)...
  5. CM2112

    DS drums

    Anyone ever owned one? What was it like? Did it make a good sound? very interested in this company.
  6. CM2112

    Is this tuning to high

    My 12” Tom has both the reso and batter tuned at F3. I don’t have a drum dial so I wouldn‘t know what a drum dial would say. Is that tuning too high, especially in a Prog/Psychedelic rock setting?