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  1. rmandelbaum

    What wood is this Ludwig Snare?

    Hello all, I have a 70s Ludwig marching snare in my collection as seen in the pic below. I bought it on about 1988, then it was NOS, so it has never been played. As most of you know marching drums are not big collectors items. The beauty of this drum is it is 14" dia. So I am seriously thinking...
  2. rmandelbaum

    Metronome / click software for live performance?

    I am looking for a PC based metronome that will allow me to program presets like the TAMA Rhythm Watch. Does anybody know of anything?
  3. rmandelbaum

    Share your restoration projects

    I thought I would start a thread for those of us that have restoration projects going I already have a thread going for my vintage TAMA Superstar project located here: I have a Rogers Holiday restoration project: 20” bass drum & 12”...
  4. rmandelbaum

    What happend to my post count?

    I find this very interesting. I have been here a while, I really only post if I have something constructive to ad. I was sitting at 1000 posts and all of a sudden I am back to 980. Very strange
  5. rmandelbaum

    My PASIC Experiance (and my 1000th post)

    Wow what an experience. I had the opportunity to attend this years PASIC convention since it was here in Austin. The first thing I noticed was the cool vibe. You could feel it in the air. Almost everybody there was a drummer. I was great to see them, old and young alike. There were high...
  6. rmandelbaum

    Vinatge TAMA Superstar Restoration

    I thought I would share this here for any that might be interested I also have posted the same thread on a few other drum forums I hang out in so I apologize if this is a duplicate for you It really just took on a life of it’s own, it has taken me 2 years of hunting to get to this point...
  7. rmandelbaum

    Bands or acts you regret missing before they passed away

    Well I have to say there are a few shows I really wish I had seen. In no particular order: SRV TOTO - With Jeff Led Zeppelin Queen The Who - With Keith
  8. rmandelbaum

    Favorite Conceptual Albums

    I was chatting in another thread and it got me thinking about conceptual albums. I know of a few, and it seems to be a lost art. I know there are many great ones I am missing out on. So I will start with my list and would love to see others add in. In no particular Order: 1. Ping Floyd...
  9. rmandelbaum

    Show Off Your DW Kit

    I see them scattered around the site and thought I would try to give us a place to get them together. I'll start with mine. My 2000 Birdseye Maple / Tobacco Burst (ignore the bass drum head) My 2006 Black Diamond Finish Ply (My Gig Kit)