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    How should I balance learning from books and learning from music?

    Lately I have had a lot more time to practice and this summer I plan on really getting into it and practicing a ton, so I'm trying to see how I should structure my practice. How should I balance between books vs getting ideas directly from music? I've had John Ramsay's Alan Dawson book for a...
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    Multi-instrumentalists: how do you manage practicing multiple instruments without burning yourself out?

    I recently purchased a digital piano and began taking lessons with a teacher and it’s been going very well. I started because I love classical music and the piano seemed like the best way to get into it because i don’t need any accompaniment. As for the drums... I’ve been playing consistently...
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    Should I play ties as closed or open rolls in Wilcoxon's 150?

    This is probably a dumb question, but I know that with some rudimental stuff, when a tie is notated, it is still played as an open roll. I'm doing solo 8 right now, and in some videos that I watch, people play the seven stroke rolls as closed rolls, but some play them open. Should I play them...
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    Thoughts/reviews of Beyond Bop Drumming by John Riley?

    I recently got a copy of Beyond Bop Drumming and started going through it. It's not too challenging, but its definitely pushing me. Pretty awesome that Riley has managed to demystify such a deep and dense stye of playing. My question to those who have worked or are working on it: Do you feel...
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    Should I memorize each solo as I go through Wilcoxon's All American book?

    I've heard many people emphasize memorizing the wilcoxon solos (in the all American book and in the swing solos book). I know both books are fairly popular, so I thought I'd ask if there is anyone here who took that approach, and if so, did you feel like you benefited from it? Taking the time...
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    How much of your practice time should be spent learning things that are new to you?

    I’m finding that most of my practice time is spent perfecting things that I can already play. I only spend a little time learning stuff that genuinely challenges me. How do you balance working on stuff that you know but are trying to perfect, and learning things that you are unable to play?
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    If you could only recommend three instructional books, what would they be?

    I recently took (online) drum lessons with a undergrad music major for a semester. I recall we were talking about books at one point and he told me that he never really used any books other than Syncopation and Stick control, much to my surprise. After he had shown me the versatility of...
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    What do you think is more worthwhile: transcribing and learning entire drum solos OR stealing particular licks from solos and perfecting them?

    Obviously the ideal answer is both, but I’m curious to see what you guys on here think because most of the drummers I know personally take the second approach. I guess the rationale is that it’s better to be able to play a single sticking or measure of a solo perfectly than to try to learn the...
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    Why should I practice things that I would never play on a gig?

    I've been going through the New Breed by Gary Chester recently, and while some of the systems seem very applicable to grooves that I would play on a gig, others seem less applicable. Obviously this is an excellent book that has received praise from countless drummers, but I guess I just don't...
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    What will improve my drumset playing more, studying concert snare drum or marching snare drum?

    I recently bought two snare drum books that I've heard good things about: Portraits in Rhythm by Anthony Cirone and The Rudimental Cookbook by Edward Freytag. I'll end up going through both of them eventually, but they're both pretty dense books. I know this forum is mainly drum set players, but...
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    Anyone use 2bs or other big sticks for jazz or otherwise quiet music?

    I recently heard that Tony Williams used 2Bs so I’m thinking of getting me some just for fun. If you use big sticks, how do you find your ability to control dynamics compared to lighter sticks?
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    Anyone have experience with the Gretsch Catalina Special Edition Birch?

    I'm planning on getting a new kit soon and I'm torn between the Yamaha Stage Custom Birch, Gretsch Catalina Maple, and the Catalina Special Edition Birch. The Special Edition birch only came out a year ago, so there aren't many reviews on it online. The pandemic has made it impossible for me to...
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    Is there a way to verify the model of a Zildjian cymbal?

    I purchased a used cymbal from guitar center (online) and I’m kind of questioning whether they had it labeled right. It was on the website as a used 2002 Zildjian K custom Dark ride, but the picture had no text on it and no "K". Is there a place I can go to or a way I can verify that this is...