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    Slingerland extended snare wires

    Does anyone know where I can find a set of snare wires for a 60's Slingerland Artist model snare drum with the extended snare wires. They have a metal strap at the but end. Puresound has stopped making them and I haven't been able to locate a set. Does any other company make these? Thank for...
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    Drum Mics on Stick saver rims?

    Does anyone know if I will have a problem mounting drum mics on Slingerlands stick saver rims? I want to buy a drum mic kit but before I do I need to know if the mounts will work on my vintage Slingerlands stick save rims. Any suggestions on good drum mic kits at a reasonable price. In the $200-...
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    Blank Bass drum head

    Does anybody know where I can get a 20" smooth resonant head with no logo ( Remo, Evans) etc. on it for my kick drum? Or a Vintage 60's 20" Slingerland bass drum resonant head?