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  1. radman

    open handed with trad ... w/ Dirty Dozen Brass

    I've been enjoying the Dirty Dozen Brass Band's Tiny Desk concert (love the sousaphone bass ... wowza). The drummer on the gig is Julian Addison, whom I've never heard of. He does some interesting things, one of which is playing open handed...
  2. radman

    Trademarking "britpop" ...?

    Just happened upon this today: Is this cynical stuff and a "piss-take" ... or is the guy do it for real? (I'm on the wrong side of the pond, so I dunno how to take this story...) Not that I've ever listened much to Oasis, Blur, etc. ... but it seems to...
  3. radman

    Drum faces

    Happy Friday! (even if it is the 13th) Most of us have surely been told we have some funny faces while drumming. The greats have their own faces: The comments are not that funny, but I did...
  4. radman

    Beater shaft size(s)?

    This might be an odd question, but I have to ask ... I've started to use my 25 year old Camco a little more. Being an 80's pedal, it has the old standard felt beater - the cylinder type. To experiment a little, I figured I would try the Tama CB90F Felt beater on the Camco. To my surprise...