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    Drum Riser

    In about a month I will be downsizing into a 3rd floor condo. No more private drum space. In anticipation I have been testing out a DIY drum riser/floating floor using a combination of RTOM heads, L80 cymbals, foam and rubber pads, MDF platform, blankets, etc. Hard to tell but I do believe it...
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    Wilcoxon solos on the kit

    I've recently started working on Wilcoxon All American Drummer solos and it's a ton of fun. I've read a bunch of threads about it and I hear people talk about using different phrasings from the solos on the kit but haven't figured out different strategies to do that. Would you just take some of...
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    Snare to complement my Acrolite

    I recently acquired a 14x5 vintage Acro and love it. I've been having fun thinking about the next snare that will be good to complement the Acro. I don't want to own a whole fleet and would really just want 2 snares to cover most situations. I play mostly classic rock in a cover band but who...
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    Warped Hoops

    I recently purchased a vintage Acrolite and really like it but noticed the hoops are warped, both snare and batter side. Placing it on a granite surface I can clearly see it does not sit flat (not even close). I placed my other snare on the same surface and it sits flat. Even though I'm liking...
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    Cat Maple Snare with Die Cast Hoop

    I know many dislike the Gretsch Cat Maples especially the snare. For me it's the best snare I've owned. I received a die cast hoop for Xmas and to my beginner ears this thing sings now! So easy to tune the snare from low to high with no overtones. Here's a short recording using EAD10 with...
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    WAV Drum Samples

    I recently purchased an EAD10 as well as the DT50S trigger and would like to use imported WAV sounds. I've been searching for sites providing samples of acoustic kits and have seen a couple. I'm curious what are some good resources that you all use?
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    Vic Firth Isolation Headphones

    Just purchased the DB22's and all I have to say is wow. I started out by using workshop headphones but the drums sounded terrible and muffled I couldnt stand it. I ended up blasting music into my Apple ear buds as I played along to songs. Needless to say not good for the ears. Just tried out the...
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    Cymbal Center Hole

    I just purchased this used cymbal and noticed a small ding in the center hole. Is this something I need to worry about? Cymbal sounds great so I'd like to keep it but if this can potentially get worse I do have 30 days to return.
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    Advice on second crash

    I'm in the market for a second crash. I currently have a Zildjian A custom medium ride and a Zildjian 16" A medium thin crash. I play mostly classic rock and starting to play songs where a second crash would be nice to have. I'm trying to keep my kit to a minimum so I'm hoping to find something...
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    Suggestions on cover songs

    We're the typical classic rock cover band looking to throw in a few modern-ish songs that would work in a rock setting. I understand you can recompose most songs and play it in different ways but we're still relatively new to this so it would be better if the songs don't need too much...
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    Learning Dynamics

    I'm adding two things to my practice routine to work on dynamics. I know there are many ways to practice dynamics but I was wondering if my thinking is correct. I first play 16th note paradiddle and all the inversions as soft as I can while maintaining control. Here I don't use a metronome...
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    Making some progress with doubles

    Exactly a month ago to this day I posted about my practice routine and had set a short-term goal to be able to play along to Tommy Igoe's Basic warmup. This involves being able to play 16-note doubles at 130 bpm. I'm not completely ready to do the warmup as there are other things I need to get...
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    My band needs your feedback

    I'm in a band of mostly beginner to low-intermediate musicians with little to no gigging experience. Our goal is to someday be able to gig but there's some disagreement as to how far along we are to that goal. I'm hoping to get some brutally honest constructive feedback from this community. I'll...
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    Critique my practice routine

    I've been struggling with a good practice routine but have recently figured out something that is helping me keep focus. That is, setting a goal. I'm not taking lessons yet so without guidance it's easy to fall down the YouTube rat hole. It's easy to fall short doing rudiments all day long...
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    Recording options while practicing

    Something I'm learning quickly is that it helps to listen back to your playing. We record during jam nights but I'm trying to figure out a way to record myself while practicing at home. I'm not looking for anything pro quality just something better than my phone which is what I'm using at the...
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    Practice Regimen

    I'm looking for advice and suggestions on practice regimens. I'm still very much a beginner learning on my own with some purchased materials (stick control and Igoe dvd) and have joined a band covering mostly rock classics. I try really hard to do at least half hour of rudiments and then spend...
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    Zildjian New Beats

    I recently picked up a used kit and added used pair of Zildjian 14" New Beats. Prior to getting these cymbals I decided to pick up a new pair of 14" Meinl Custom Classic Darks. I know many highly recommend new beats and I know they are generally of higher quality but I seem to like the Meinl...
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    Would you purchase a used kit from studio

    I'm in the market for a used kit and have been looking at Guitar Center only because of their 45 day return policy. Private sales on craigslist and FB are typically better but obviously no returns. I generally know what to look for but being a beginner I also don't know what I don't know so I'm...
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    Need advice on kit purchase

    New member here looking for buying advice on a new acoustic kit. I'm just getting back into drumming after many many years of not playing. I consider myself a beginner but hoping to purchase an intermediate kit. Will be playing with a group mostly focused on rock but individually I'm interested...