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  1. johnnylaw

    Hooked on phonics: the long and short of my cymbals

    "OK Sherman, let's set the Way Back Machine to the first grade". Remember learning to read with vowel sounds designated with either a hyphen shaped or u shaped symbol (NOT cymbal) hovering above the letter in question? Well, I may be nuts, or simply regressing, but each voice in my cymbal...
  2. johnnylaw


    Greetings All, Yesterday I stumbled into a music store which had a refreshing assortment of upper echelon cymbals racked up for the tapping, so, tap I did. Istanbuls, Constantinoples, HHXs, AGOP, etc. Needless to say, there was much to be pleased with under the circumstances. I particularly...
  3. johnnylaw

    How you felt

    Still the relative noob, yet obsessive enough over tone, I ask, "have you experimented with felts of various diameters, thicknesses, and densities to tweak your sound?". If so, what have you discovered?
  4. johnnylaw

    Murat Dirils for a listen?

    Hello All, I can't seem to find any stores in New England that carry these cymbals. Anybody know where they can be played in my neck of the woods? Thanks
  5. johnnylaw

    30" Zildjian for sale

    just saw this on the Worcester MA craigslist. In case anybody's needs this (you know who you are), the guy wants to sell it to the most passionate drummer. I have no association with the seller.
  6. johnnylaw

    Dragons's Breath?

    I hear this term bandied about frequently in discussion and descriptions of so many cymbals, but I couldn't actually say that I know exactly which sonic character it connotes. Please describe it for me if you can, and feel free to point me toward a great you tube or other audio example which...
  7. johnnylaw

    K Light Flat impressions

    I recently acquired this flat ride (used). I know that flats in general are a bit anachronistic and not for everyone's needs, but I really enjoy having this around. For the record, I'm relatively inexperienced as a drummer, and not gigging (on drums), though I've been playing music for three...
  8. johnnylaw

    Measuring depth of drums...

    Sorry if this is too basic, but how does one account for drum depth? Is it based on a naked shell, or is it measured after heads and rims have been affixed? Thanks
  9. johnnylaw

    Nashville Anybody?

    If one were to have 48 hours to knock around Nashville, where might be the best little joint (or two) to listen to some great cats playing real country music? I don't mean to knock the ultra-slick, heavily produced, commercial fare coming out of the city, but one could hear that any day of the...
  10. johnnylaw

    Spit and Polish?

    I recently picked up an 18" Dream Contact Crash/Ride. It sounded decent in the store, and it was $70.00 used. Sometimes I play really lightly, (and/or with rods) and I've discovered that it has a good enough ride sound at low volume to have advantages over practicing with the trusty 20" K...
  11. johnnylaw

    Your big ten inch what?

    Hey, Any of you folks using a ten inch snare drum? What is it doin' for ya, and howzit workin' out? Peace Johnny
  12. johnnylaw

    "Dark" When, where, and why?

    I'm always interested in exploring cymbal sounds/ applications. Is there a specific or typical use for "Dark" cymbals? Are they common in any particular musical style, or just another general dimension to explore when filling out the ordinary kit? Have you heard any stand-outs/favorites of...
  13. johnnylaw

    Stock Yamaha Kick Resonator Question

    Hi everybody, Does anyone know what head Yamaha provided on their maple Tour Custom kits back around 2009? Is it a standard production item, or something "specially made" for Yamaha? Its black and has Yamaha across the front in white letters. It appears to be the same head that is used...
  14. johnnylaw

    Ride Ponderance

    Greetings All! Been lurking here a spell and gaining knowledge to help my playing along (and thank you!) So, I'm considering a ride purchase. So far it's between a Zildjian K 20" and a Paiste Sig Dry Crisp Ride. I'd be open to other suggestions too, but I like each of these a great deal. I...