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    2nd Ride or Crash/Ride with K Custom Dark Ride?

    Last week I picked up a used 20" K Zildjian Custom Dark Ride that I'm considering using as my primary ride. The K Dark doesn't strike me as a perfect ride, but it passes my first test of cymbal selection by not being annoying! (I almost always find some aspect of a ride cymbal annoying.) It...
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    Buy Cymbals by the Gram?

    While shopping online for a dry ride cymbal with a woody stick sound, I was shocked to discover how closely the weight of the cymbals corresponded to the sound my ears heard. The correspondence was so close that I can almost recommend buying ride cymbals by weight alone. Here's what I did: I...
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    Mute Pads Made from Car Mats

    The other day I was in a discount store, saw a set of car mats for around $10, and bought them with the intention of using one for a shower mat. After I got them home, it dawned on me that they might make decent drum mutes too. I therefore cut three of them up into drum-sized circles and put...
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    Which Heads for Gretsch Catalinas (Maple)?

    I recently acquired a slightly used set of the Gretsch Catalinas (maple) in the 10, 12, 16, and 22 tom and bass configuration with the stock heads. I'm wondering what heads other players of the same drums are using and why. Cards on the table, I kind of like the sounds I'm getting from the...
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    Pete Best - His Weaknesses as a Drummer?

    I'm getting to the question of why the Beatles replaced Pete Best with Ringo over a half-century late, but I've always wondered what it was about Best's drumming than led to his ouster. I realize that there were probably personality factors involved too, but it's clear that there were also...
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    Size of Drum and Pitch/Tone

    My question is whether, all else being equal, a 16 x 16 tom has a pitch (and general tone) twice as deep as an 8 x 8 tom, and therefore also if a 12 x 12 tom has a pitch/tone exactly in the middle of the two. Simple math would seem to suggest this direct correspondence between drum size and...