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  1. Rotarded

    Scored a 20 year old cherry for my birthday!

    You sick bastages, it's a snare drum! Picked up this 5.5" x 14" 2000 DW/Craviotto (signed) Cherry steam bent snare just in time to debut at Saturday's gig. Got a great deal on this clean drum and can't wait to test drive.
  2. Rotarded

    Use me, Bill Withers cover

    My band's version of Bill Withers' Use Me. Demo CD session. Each instrument track recorded in one take, except keys, no click. 15" 60's A Zildjian Hats (SM57) NYC Bd of Ed 6.5"x14" Acrolite (SM57) DW Performance 18x22 Bass Drum (internal Beta52a)...
  3. Rotarded

    Drum Cave spring cleaning

    Spent the day cleaning up the drum cave. The winter was spent building the Stainless BOP kit and pretty much turned the room into a Tool/Parts/Cleaning debris field. Hung some more high density foam around the room for more acoustic damping/noise reduction. Tomorrow we rock!
  4. Rotarded

    Thift Stores. Sometimes you just get lucky.

    I love Thrift Stores. Blue tags were 75% off today.
  5. Rotarded

    Larry's snare givaway, the eternal gratitude!

    Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Larry's grand gesture in gifting me the LB417BT Black Beauty. It came at a time where my world, which I felt, was in shambles. I was wrapped up in my own "problems" , which in the grand scheme of things were far less than many others have. Larry's...
  6. Rotarded

    Gretsch Free Floating Brothers

    I have been using the 5.5x10 as my "acoustic" small set-up snare for a couple of years and just loved everything it does, so when I got the opportunity to pick -up the 5.5x14 version, I didn't hesitate. These Gretsch/Kaman/Legend free-floating snares are no longer made, and you don't see them...
  7. Rotarded

    Built a Grail kit on a budget

    A 3.5 year odyssey is complete... At least my wife thinks so. I set out to build a complete professional kit on a budget, the goal being to spend 50% of the lowest actual selling price (new) when all the components were added up. In the end I came out spending 53%, or $2820, for a turn key kit...
  8. Rotarded

    Brothers from different Mothers

    I culled the herd by selling my Yamaha SCs and Concepts Maples, then turned around and purchased the DW. Here is a shot of both set up before one of them gets packed up and my basement turns into a debris field of splintered sticks and a pile of bagged drums and hardware dumped hastily, post-gig.