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    Tennis Ellbow

    hey does anybody of you drummers have experience with a tenis ellbow? the thing is i heard people saying and read that i should take it easy and dont move my affected arm and elsewhere it says moving the arm will heal it thanks
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    Electric Drum Question

    Hey I use my Electric Drum Kit also just as pratice pads without sounds and without power on, i wanted to ask if this is a problem for the kit, as i thought the analog signal cannot be transformed into a digital one and this may damage the electronic circuit or something like that thanks
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    pedal practice - pillow?

    hey i just wanted do ask if somebody of you would share is or her experience with practising double pedal not on a pad, but on pillows or similar objects the thing i fear is that the loss of the rebound will teach me the wrong technique as playing on the bass drum is certainly the...
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    E kit Bass pad as practise pad?

    hey there i recently bought a practice pad for my double pedal but it is of miserable quality and i was thinking about buying a bass drum pad of an e kit to practice does anybody have experience with this? do you think such a pad would survive daily practice of 30 minutes for a very long time...
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    heel down problem

    hey i recently started to work on my heel down technique and i have a problem with every stroke my foot glides forward, what can i do?
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    Foot Technique

    Hey! I just wanted to know what is important considering Foot Technique or using the Kickdrum(s). How do I have to sit, to hit, with which part of the foot, what about my ankels, which muscles do i have to use....? thank you
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    how am i supposed to play accents, for exampel in wilcoxon's solos: only using the wrist or like a whip the whole arm? i am afraid that the secondly mentioned method wont work at higher speed, am i right?
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    Practise - What?

    hey! the last two months i practised severl things i started with endurance 16th note, i noticed that i was not clean enough, i bought the all american drummer played the first solo, then i wanted to get perfect and wanted to start from the bottom, i started with the rudiments, than i realised...
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    Notation Question

    hey i just bought the all american drummer and i do not understand certian notations above the normal lines it sometimes says 5 str. or 11 str. in this picture for example in solo no. 92 the very first bar. what am i supposed to play...
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    Again Rudiment Question

    hi, for about 2 weeks now i practised the single stroke roll, even velocities, equal gripping, timing and so on and now i dont know: keep on practising singles? or starting with single stroke four, or another one? or keep practising singles and fours? i dont know what to do, can anybody give me...
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    Electronic Drum?

    hey i am looking for pad or something with 2 - 10 subpads, and if you hit one of these subpads it will play a sound meaning an mp3 data or something like that, which is choosable, by me, the drummer i want to put this pad besides the hi hat and use it to create intros or ambience elements to...
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    Drum Cover of Folk Metal Band Spellblast

    hey i made this cover one year ago, however i would like to share it with you and hear some suggestions considering improvement of technique and so thanks!
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    Hearing Problems

    Hey I just wanted to ask around how many of you suffer under hearing problems or anything like that. maybe add how long you have been playing the drum. i am 17 and play the drums for about 4 years, but i fear that someday i will have hearing damages, how do you handle this problem what do you...
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    Rudiment Questions

    hey at the moment i want to practise the drum rudiments but unfortunately i have a big problem, i dont own a book so i look them up on the internet and i find different ways of playing the same rudiment so i think that one is false and the other correct, for example is the seven stroke roll...