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  1. Duck Tape

    A stray stick into your rack tom

    I don't think I've played any of my kits at length without poking my stick straight into the shell of the rack tom directly in front of my snare, and either leaving a pockmark or small scratch. I'm really bummed about doing it to my new kit, it's the tiniest little spot but now I know it's there...
  2. Duck Tape

    A solo

    Been a while, I miss checking out all the cool players in here so I'm gonna share the last thing I recorded - a little solo on my sakae kit The snare is a mapex nomad and I cranked it up ala Two Princes style
  3. Duck Tape

    Revisiting the music you played with in your formative years?

    Bit of a rant/ramble ahead, as per title, when I started out, the only way I knew how to learn how to play drums was playing along to records. I've progressed from there and learned to practice using systems/metronomes but I still like to play along with music and I feel like I've gone a bit...
  4. Duck Tape

    Did Russia hack drummerworld?

    That's twice I've seen the site down... Cyber attack?
  5. Duck Tape

    Black Cow

    Hey guys, I haven't done much with youtube lately and I haven't done anything on the new dw kit so here's something mediocre. I had a strong coffee at 8pm and was full of energy so I setup the camera and tried to nail this old song. It's so bloody hard to play with a record and be note perfect...
  6. Duck Tape

    Tempo difficulty

    I think I am noticing myself having some problems with tempo lately, and even losing the pulse a bit. For those that don't know me as a drummer, I think timing and feel are important and I put time towards practicing them. Here is a random video of me playing a song to give you some idea (I...
  7. Duck Tape

    DW ebay disaster

    I have done plenty of online trading, usually within Australia, but I finally ran out of luck the other week, it turns out the local drum repairer would find this too hard to colour match so I think I'll just play the drum and enjoy its sound rather than cry about the condition, which kinda...
  8. Duck Tape

    New perspectives

    Lately it feels like everything I know about playing drums is assumed knowledge, like I've only just begun - It strikes me as some sort of milestone of experience. There is no longer much that's mystifying about the pop rock beat, fills, song structures - playing drums seems to be more of a...
  9. Duck Tape

    The amazing Chris Coleman

    Has anyone else noticed how great he is? I got to meet him and watch a 6hr workshop about 2 years ago and he just came to Sydney the other week and did a clinic. I've been thinking I should probably start watching his performances like I used to watch Virgil's, start picking up some new ideas...
  10. Duck Tape

    New beats - the different series'

    Hey guys, I just sold some evo hats and am keen on some newbeats... I'm not a hipster, but a backline kit I used had a pair and I've had them on my mind ever since. They were older, definitely not the brand new ones with the big A logo. I probably won't get an opportunity to try them but I'm...
  11. Duck Tape

    I want to talk about LED lighting

    As far as I know we've never discussed led lights in drums here before. Does anyone own or have experience with them? I just bought a set of them, it was on clearance and a few of my friends have been bugging me to put LEDS in my acrylic kit so I caved... it's a drumlite brand one for an...
  12. Duck Tape

    Which would you keep?

    Most of you know I am gear crazy, enough said about that. So I have had a tama birch bubinga for maybe a bit over a year and it's a stunning kit, probably the prettiest kit I own, I have been using that kit as a gig kit for anything that my little bop kit can't handle. The other week my...
  13. Duck Tape

    EVANS nylon bass drum patches...

    ... are eating my felt beaters, just noticed this. I know this because the same beaters do not wear down on my other bass drum (which has a smooth patch). This isn't good IMO, I have them on a couple of heads and now I want to get rid of them. Just wondering how to remove them from the heads...
  14. Duck Tape

    Ducks DW

    I bought this kit on Monday and I've been on a bit of a high ever since. I've been curious about DW lately, but discouraged by the price of them. This was much cheaper than any of the others around so I made the 3 hr drive to pick it up. Specs: Satin oil dw collectors, the snare is natural...
  15. Duck Tape

    Don't look at me, I'm hideous

    I have been on this forum for about 4 years.. When I first joined I had 1 drum kit and an extra snare.. Now I have rooms full of stuff.. And after picking up a new kit tonight I finally feel a bit ashamed, a bit embarrassed. I have put another kit up for sale in light of the new acquisition but...
  16. Duck Tape

    In the mood for vanilla

    I played a gig a few weeks back and the backline kit provided was a pearl reference pure. It had 10, 12, 14, 16 toms and it left a really good impression on me. I wouldn't describe it as unique sound but it kinda makes me want something a bit more standard. My tama and mapex kits are both...
  17. Duck Tape

    An hour of drums and bass!

    Sorry, this is a bit of a driveby post as I don't come here often anymore. But check it out, it was a really fun jam. Open to feedback... I was playing some sort of 14x8 yamaha birch snare, it does have a ring to it.
  18. Duck Tape

    Mapex armory?

    Does anyone have one of these? I just sold a kit and an armory 6pce has popped up online with a bunch of ahead bags, great price too. I have a small tour at the end of the year, I might check it out, and poach the ahead bags if I decide not to keep it. Looks like it has all the same features...
  19. Duck Tape

    Tinnitus treatment

    Have not tried this myself but check it out
  20. Duck Tape

    Trick pedal retrofit chain drive

    So I've bought a used trick pro 1v, knowing I'm not a direct drive or longboard guy... Call it boredom or admiration for their build quality. Oh, it was cheap too, I'll definitely get my $$$ back if I don't like it. I see a chain retrofit option on eBay.. It's expensive. Has anyone tried it...