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    Which has more bottom?

    A Double headed, no-hole bass drum B Bass drum with Kick Port
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    The Snare Side Head Rant

    Can't someone come up with an alternative material for snare side heads?!?! Are any of those marching-type materials capable of providing crisp wire response with increased durability? What about some of that Roswell crash material from 1947? I'm sure they have duplicated it by now! Your...
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    A Plea to DW for another snare wire....

    Dear John, I have 2 8x14 Collectors BNOB, one 6.5x14 Bell Brass, and a new 6.5x14 Thin Aluminum. The existing wires have a more subdued snare response. I've tried cords and straps and I am unable to get a more present high frequency from the wires. An angled end clip would do the trick. I...