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  1. opentune

    Pearl experts... ID help please

    Maple or birch, or neither? Its Made in Japan, any idea of year or model? thanks and happy holidays
  2. opentune

    peter green passes

    Guitarist Peter Green, original of Fleetwood Mac has passed away. Pure blues legend.
  3. opentune

    drummer sues to keep his place in the band

    Lots of talk sometimes about hired guns, but this story sort of shows the lack of loyalty even in some established bands. Can you imagine having to pay for your replacement? Personally, I never cared for the members of Aerosmith but this shows them in a new (dim) light. So much for a 'band of...
  4. opentune

    First Mapex - what do I have?

    I got this for $30 the other day. Guy wanted to give it away but I insisted on offering something. I've never owned a Mapex, nor followed them much, but this will work for a band's jamspace. 12-14-22... China made on badge.....seems to be basswood not luan? He said its about 15 yrs old. Any...
  5. opentune

    "Dude your drums sound like cardboard"

    Perhaps people knew of these. Just came cross them. Anybody want to argue about ply layup or wrap vs. lacquer.
  6. opentune

    bill ward again

    Good to see Bill Ward out playing again. This makes me wonder, who is one of the oldest drummers still playing? Ginger Baker? Anybody else in jazz playing longer ?
  7. opentune

    Dennis Davis Groove - Look Back in Anger

    Any Bowie fans out there? He had many great drummers, but Dennis Davis stands out as the groove monster. I always loved and wondered about the drum part in this tune, here recently described by producer Tony Visconti, (evidently his favourite Bowie drum track too). In Tony's words - a perfect...
  8. opentune

    Stones backline

    This came across my screen today. Just a jam but one can get a really good long look at Charlie's current setup. More cymbals than I recall previously, and didn't know his snares were customized with the Stones logo either.
  9. opentune

    Why are floor tom legs so long?

    Was looking at my different floor toms, and wondered why many/most floor tom legs have an excess of 5 to 6 inches on them. I realize setups vary, and there are some tall drummers out there, but nobody ever sets up floor toms using the entire leg length right? Are many floor tom legs some sort of...
  10. opentune

    Are your drums worth more than your motor vehicle?

    If you added up the cost of all your drums&cymbals, do you have more invested in them than in your car? Or in furniture? (Bermuda I think we know the answer for you) Mine is about equal, and I don't have too much.
  11. opentune

    most scenic gig pics

    I don't take too many pics, but this from gig last night. Not bad for scenery. How about a thread where you post a pic of your most scenic gig, in city or country. (perhaps somebody has a least scenic to start another thread too)
  12. opentune

    Gregg Allmann has died

    Another big one gone. Such a great voice for a great band.
  13. opentune

    the ole' ultra light Ludwig stand

    Anybody use one of these old things for gigs? Its incredibly light, and seems to hold my 5 x 14 Supra fine, but I wonder how it fares on larger heavier drums on gigs. Also like that it collapses down to something only one foot long. I bought MIJ copy of one at a garage sale for $5 last week and...
  14. opentune

    Drum lick hocus pocus

    hey all you keen eyes and ears, what's the lick being played here at 2:12? I am guessing flam accents between the ride cymbal and snare? ps. I think my link may be at 0.5 speed.
  15. opentune

    Ringo's 'towelled' drummed parts

    Would anybody happen to know any or all of the songs recorded with Ringo playing on the tea towelled drums? One sees the pics all the time of this but I'd like to know which exact songs have this on the recording. Right now I can only think of Sun King on Abbey Road. I searched on here but...
  16. opentune

    Living in the Past - bass drum

    I like to play along to this song, its in 5/4 (to my counting). I can work the hands bits but can't really quite hear on the recording what the bass drum is doing. What is the bass drum placement, ...following the ride pattern? How would you play the...
  17. opentune

    1 and 1/4 inch lugs??

    I bought a Sonor Select Maple 16 tom shell off eBay, stripped of all lugs etc for cheap. I thought I could get Sonor lugs easily from an older kit or on eBay but they changed the lugs on newer Select Force to holes with 1 - 1/4 inch space (most Sonor lugs ....and many other drum lugs are either...
  18. opentune

    RRHOF, Dave Abbruzzese and Pearl Jam

    OK I personally can't stand the rock'n'roll hall of fame, but this is an interesting judgement and predicament. Pearl Jam is voted in the RRHOF, but drummer Dave Abbruzzesse, an important influence during some of their early most well-known material, is cut out. He's pissed Some of the best...
  19. opentune

    Evolution of Zildjian Sounds over time

    Interesting samples of Zildjian Cymbals over a long time period. Not sure this was posted on here yet. Couldn't find it in Search.
  20. opentune

    putting modern spurs on older bass drums?

    I know some of you on here have updated the old 60s' spurs on vintage bass drums with sturdier modern ones. I have finally brought myself to do this for a 1966 Slingerland 20 (has old slide out spurs, but I am updating to some modern Gretsch and Yamaha style that rotate out) But the old spurs...