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  1. Drumprof

    Mid Level Kits

    With such a crowded market.... I’m looking for your opinions, rankings, best kits for sound, versatility, build and hardware quality in the approximate 1,200 to let’s say 1,800 dollar range (or under 2,000) from the major brands. (In no particular order) Gretsch Renown (rn2) Yamaha Tour Custom...
  2. Drumprof

    New Yamaha Lightweight Hardware

    Just saw this and thought I would share Hope I posted link correctly.
  3. Drumprof

    Gretsch badge question

    Does Gretsch only put one badge on all their USA Toms? I ask because I have a custom bop kit and noticed there’s only 1 badge on the 12 inch Tom that sits to my left (from the throne), a traditional 4 piece set up. My question is if I buy a 5 piece kit with the G1 style mounts, that are...
  4. Drumprof

    What are my drums worth and best way to sell

    I hope this is appropriate for this forum.. Thinking of unloading a kit but honestly, I have never sold a kit. Any suggestions on how to sell it and what I can expect to get for it? e-bay, reverb etc...? Yamaha, original Maple Custom (gold lugs) bop kit. 5 pieces, 10, 12, 14, 18 with matching...
  5. Drumprof

    New Kit or Expand Existing Kit: Gretsch

    So here’s a question I have been pondering.... Would appreciate some feedback and thought it would make a good subject for discussion. I am a professional jazzer and own a couple of high end bop kits, but do get calls to play with different groups (cover, blues and country) for which I kept an...
  6. Drumprof

    USA Custom Finish Question / Opinion

    Greetings fellow drummers, New member and first time poster here. Have been a lurker for a long time and enjoy your opinions, banter and advice. I am about to order my first Gretsch drum set. I have been a long time Yamaha guy and still love what they do and am proud of that but I am at a...