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  1. Skyking


    So my sister has a 1965 ish Ludwig Champagne Sparkle kit. Same as the one M. Shrieve (sp?) played at Woodstock. EVERYTHING is original even the heads. I had a thread to evaluate the drums, but not the cymbals. The high hats are 15 inch Ludwigs made by Paiste. Can anybody tell me about them...
  2. Skyking

    Basement Mancave/Echo Chamber Need Help.

    So this is my problem. In 2 months, my new drum room/man cave/unfinished basement is an echo chamber. Finishing might or might not happen. I'm setting up 2 acoustic sets and an electric kit. Any good first ideas to keep the sound manageable? It's just me playing old garage band music through my...
  3. Skyking

    Pricing A 65ish Ludwig Kit?

    Can someone tell me how to price 4 piece champagne sparkle Ludwig kit is worth? Looks like the kit Michael Shrieve played at Woodstock. It's from the 60s, poor to fair condition, original hardware and heads. It's my kid sisters. Played by my deceased brother in law. I hope the link to the photo...
  4. Skyking

    Drumming On I'm Going Back To My Roots , What is that machine gun sound?

    So as I'm expanding my musical horizons I'm noticing a heavy use of bass drums these days and no ride cymbals. For instance I'm trying to figure out what I'm hearing on "I'm Going Back To My Roots". Please don't tell me that's a double bass drum blasting away like a machine gun on the track...
  5. Skyking

    Help Me Dress Up My DTXtreme III

    My mother in law is coming to live with us for 6 months. That mean an end to my drum room/man cave. My wife tells me my beautiful but noisy lacquered wrapped acoustic shells and brilliant finished Paiste porn has to be put away for now. (Divorce is too expensive and murder too dramatic ;) So...
  6. Skyking

    Who Here Loves Rock

    Just sitting here listening to the radio and on comes Twisted Sister's, "Were not Gonna Take It". I crank the volume and within seconds my 13 year old son is doing James Brown like moves across the kitchen floor and the wife is shaking her tail like a paint shaker out of control. What is about...
  7. Skyking

    Music Industry Stars, MIA

    I went to a big music store in a major mall yesterday looking for some rock and roll posters for my Drum Room. They only sell CD's and stuff, no instruments. I was surprised to see that except for a few Beatles posters, there was not a single poster with a musician on it. I thought there'd be...
  8. Skyking

    Do Drumsets Ever Get thrown Away?

    So, 100 threads ago the guys were trying to talk sense to some kid who thought he could sell his barely used kit for retail minus $50 bucks. (The kid never did understand the economics.) But, it got me wondering about used pricing and whether people throw away well used drum sets at some point...
  9. Skyking

    The Thrill Is Gone

    Anybody been here? The band you started is all over the place musically. We are playing everything from Santana to Waylon Jennings. Then a new member joins and now we are playing John Mayor too. I suggest we find a genre (rock, country, pop) and stick with it but I'm just the drummer and what...
  10. Skyking

    Why Buy Same Type Cymbals All K's etc.

    I play older cover rock and country. I'm running my slightly darker, slightly trashy, 20" Artisan Vault ride, a slightly brighter medium thin XS 20, 18" crash and go way bright and wide open with a 16" AAX Fast Crash X-plosion. Individually, these were the best sounding cymbals I have found...
  11. Skyking

    Top head Bounce, Bottom Head Pitch?

    According to Daniel Glass', Musician Friend's article: "Just remember this simple formula: a) The bottom head controls pitch. b) The top head controls bounce." Before I experiment and re-tune my kit tonight (and make the family crazy) is there any truth and "yeah buts" with this? I'm looking...
  12. Skyking

    Help! Packing Cymbals For Shipment

    I am returning a Sabian Vault Ride and a few other cymbals to the Sabian Factory (for refurbishing) in New Brunswick Canada. Any ideas on how to safely pack them, and who and how to ship them with? I really love my cymbals and don't want to screw this up.
  13. Skyking

    What Makes A Good High Hat Cymbal

    How Do I Get a Wet Splashy Hat Sound ? I always thought Ringo Starr had the perfect wet splashy high hat sound. I have what I think is a 15" Zildjian Custom A. It's a thin crash I think. It sounds a bit tin like (not tiny but tinny???) What can I mate this with to get a splashy sound?