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  1. Mendozart

    Dennis Wilson's monster Blaemire kit found!

    Today was a very surreal day for me. This all started a couple weeks ago at the NAMM show. It was early on Friday before the show started when Todd Trent told me I needed to go talk with a friend of his. He had a friend who says he has Dennis Wilson's monster Blaemire kit. Jerry Jenkins had...
  2. Mendozart

    Black Beauties......My versions

    I posted this pic on FB last night, thought I would share it here. This past weekend, at the Hollywood Drum Show, I received a gift from a very generous friend. It's a 6.5x14 Dunnett Ti snare drum, This is my first experience owning a titanium drum, and I like what I'm hearing. I had played some...
  3. Mendozart

    "Dia de los muertos"

    "Day of the dead" snare drum As I started thinking about the upcoming Chicago Drum Show, it dawned on me that I never posted a picture of my "Dia de los muertos" snare drum. Dave gave me this shell at last years Chicago show, and several months ago Jerry and I finally built it up...
  4. Mendozart

    My Blaemire/Ludwig project

    Okay guys, I've been holding out long enough over here. You may remember the posting of Jerry Jenkins monster Blaemire kit, and his Mod Orange Blaemire kit. Well, he stumbled onto another lot of shells and I was able to purchase 7x10, 8x12, 9x13 toms, 16x16 floor tom, and 6.5x14 snare drum...
  5. Mendozart

    WorldMax Black Hawg or Ludwig BB

    Well, I've been on a manhunt for a B/O badged Ludwig Black Beauty. These are getting top dollar on ebay and have been priced out of my range. The 6.5 x 14's are even more. I found one locally, but it was scratched up quite a bit and had a noticeable dent, and they still wanted $500. So, I...
  6. Mendozart

    Wood Hoops

    I recently picked up some wood hoops for my 5.5"x14" Spaun snare and I love them. But, The overall diameter of the drum is now 15 3/4" and it won't fit in my snare stand basket. Does anyone know specific models that will fit this size? The only one I found on the internet that specifically says...