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    Vox Telstar Drum Kit Demo

    I didn't know Korg was a parent company of Vox, which made more sense when I read that Sakae Osaka Heritage overseen this project. I got to spend some time on this kit today, it's a fun set with a vibe for sure. That cymbal mount on the bass drum is pretty useless on positioning which is bummer...
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    Cymbal store: Should I stay or should I go?

    My last visit purchase, the owner brought my requests outside for covid and i played them. I also brought some select cymbals of my own to hear as a group. I didn't have a kit but that is ok, I was able to hear grouping within my own selection and this was a great experience. Of course I brought...
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    What is wrong with my Funky Drummer groove?

    According to Wiki, Prince paid his medical bills before Clyde passed away along with other fund raising.
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    CB 700

    Was my first kit as too, I don't think they hold any value today other than nostalgia. The builds for entry kits today are so much better with hardly any inflation compared to 30 years ago on price range. To get any kit with even a ply of birch or maple would cost in the ~$1500 range as a...
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    What is wrong with my Funky Drummer groove?

    Can’t help but notice, you look like a tall guy that sits lower. Sounds better than first take 👍. Are the snares off? What are you playing on?
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    What is wrong with my Funky Drummer groove?

    I don't hear Clyde pumping the 8th notes, though I know it makes it easer to play, especially at 101 bpm. Perhaps its the recording, but hear it at half that volume towards authenticity. For hi-hat, I would bring the clutch even closer and have tighter foot pressure when closed while playing...
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    How many of you are self-taught?

    I started in the 4th grade, with basic reading lessons, then had a year of lessons when I was 15 yo which was very beneficial. I did a percussion camp that helped with Brazilian and Afro-Cuban stuff for a week long ago, and had tabla lessons for 6-7 years which helped shape my drum set playing...
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    Walnut vs Bubinga

    I don't know what to make of Janka scales as a weight/force measurement to drums sometimes. Historically, it seems used toward wear & tear for flooring for scratch and dent. And it can go opposite sometimes, for example maple has a higher Janka but lower density than beech or white oak. Here...
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    How to become a more musical drummer

    Do you have any secret tapes we can listen to? Perhaps opinions on vintage Ludwig hardware design?
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    How to become a more musical drummer

    Beyond listening, concepts such empathy and awareness come to mind. And then there are the traits off the bandstand of how one conducts themselves and how they can create an environment to help others sound better and increase creativity and ideas, I think that is part of being musical...
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    Suspension mounts & floor tom legs - Sound influence

    It's in the OP video, vintage Luddy at ~2min mark and Atlas ~8min mark and RIMs through out. To my ear, it sounded good but not as long as of a sustain as RIMs...maybe why Ludwig still keeps RIMS mounts as an option. Not to say the mount with longest sustain wins but it does shape the sound it...
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    Does a drum rack save you time?

    I had the DR-80 Pearl rack which I regretfully traded towards a Pearl icon. DR-80 could folded nicely, took less floor space and had less stupid components that the Pearl Icon. Invariably, the wing nuts would loosen off during travel and always had screws, washers, springs and wingnuts to...
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    The myth of special equipment?

    I used to have ankle weights but never used it to the extent that Gene did, it's really uncomfortable so he must have built some real strength to play like that while wearing them. So probably wearing boots (or not) is like nothing to him. The bone warm-up is actually a real thing, read it in...
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    The myth of special equipment?

    Gene uses ankle weights and takes them off to rip fast DB lines....isn't that considered special equipment? I think he used to use femur bone to warm up too (?), lol. He said he collect Camco pedals, refused to use anything else because he liked the feel...perhaps special but I think Gene...
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    Canopus bolt tight leather washers?

    It doesn't replace a washer, it creates a sandwich around the washer itself (top and bottom), they usually use metal in the middle. I haven't tested with or without to A/B compare but I like the feel of tuning and possibility of unwanted noise is reduced. Never tried the Red Lock, depends on...
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    Suspension mounts & floor tom legs - Sound influence

    To reference the video and Tama again, Star has the super spongey rubber tip (maybe other lines have this too?). I wasn't aware of Gibraltar varieties as well. I never heard an A/B comparison before this video and was surprised. They brought up the cool idea to mix and match stiff vs. spongey...
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    Suspension mounts & floor tom legs - Sound influence

    Granted, I don't own Tama but I've secretly always wanted to own them at some point. Their Starcast has some nice features by not putting the weight of the shell on the lug or directly on the shell to stress the shell and cuts off the line of shell absorption much better than many systems...
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    Suspension mounts & floor tom legs - Sound influence

    There are several of these videos out there but thought this one was pretty good and fun topic of discussion. Interesting how different designs behave entirely differently though have the same intent. Personally, I've uses RIMs (trad design or mounted to lug), Pearl's original suspension mount...