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  1. Vintage Old School

    Ever just bought all new hardware all at one time?

    The only time I purchased all new hardware at a single time was for my daughter's kit when she first started playing. After she quit playing I held onto her DW hardware and added onto it when I purchased my shell bank years ago.
  2. Vintage Old School

    Riddle me this you sound engineers

    Top end microphones are optimized in a properly treated acoustically engineered room. And even in a well designed room it comes down to mic selection, preamp selection and mic placement for your drums in your room. For the average rehearsal space or untreated home "studio" I personally don't...
  3. Vintage Old School

    An easy way to make a small bass drum sound huge ...

    My favorite beater hands down.
  4. Vintage Old School

    Segmented stave drum made in Colorado. Designed by two sessions drummers and a big tall bowl maker.

    On my 8" X 14" segmented SOTA Padauk I've had great luck with the Evans Genera for the batter head, but it currently has die cast hoops top and bottom to help dry it out. On more and more of my snares I'm moving to the Aquarian Texture Coated Studio X head. If it needs any additional...
  5. Vintage Old School

    Segmented stave drum made in Colorado. Designed by two sessions drummers and a big tall bowl maker.

    Interesting. What woods are you using: Walnut, Birdseye Maple, Padauk (or Rosewood)? Overall thickness of the shell? Bearing edges specs?
  6. Vintage Old School

    What's on your "wishlist"?

    I also smashed my 2021 wish list with a Blue Bell. Please don't notify my doctor regarding this purchase.
  7. Vintage Old School

    Looking for decent overhead condenser mics

    Take a listen to the Audio-Technica AE 3000.
  8. Vintage Old School

    Cymbal Setup - Am I Done?

    You have a great setup that will serve you well for many years to come. If you don't care for China cymbals you might consider getting an "Ozone" type special effects crash. I prefer the Bosphorus Turk and Traditional Special Effects models. The Bosphorus Turk 17" 6-Hole would be an ideal add...
  9. Vintage Old School

    China Cymbal Tilts Too much

    Get the Aquarian Heavy Cymbal Spring. I've had them on my two Wuhan China cymbals since the 80's and they're still going strong.
  10. Vintage Old School

    What's your latest purchase?

    Bosphorus Traditional 18-Inch 18-Hole cymbal. Normally I prefer darker, warmer cymbals but I was in need of a brighter accent cymbal.
  11. Vintage Old School

    What do you think of this idea

    Instead of going underground would your neighbors be down with this?
  12. Vintage Old School

    Should I be worried? - New cymbal purchase

    Call the crew at Memphis Drum Shop if you feel it needs to be replaced or refunded. They are good stand-up people. Personally I wouldn't be worried about this and I would keep/use the cymbals especially if they met my sound test with flying colors.
  13. Vintage Old School

    The myth of special equipment?

    Three things: Preference. Preference. Preference.
  14. Vintage Old School

    Storage Units?

    I'd recommend you install shelving to get all of your gear off of the floor. Even if you have an interior climate controlled unit with zero chance of the unit flooding from rain, you never know if people are storing liquids or hazardous materials next to you or across from you. I have a large...
  15. Vintage Old School

    Suspension mounts & floor tom legs - Sound influence

    I've tried RIMS back in the 90's and they worked fine but I decided to never go that route again for several reasons. Since going to 1 up 2 down I decided to try the DW 9000 Heavy Duty Tom/Snare Stand over a conventional snare stand. It opened up the rack tom a bit, but nothing near the...
  16. Vintage Old School

    Am I too old to start drumming?

    Indian Larry passed in 2004. He first rode a chopped vintage Indian motorcycle, hence his nickname. Larry built and rode old school choppers. His personal bike was a 1956 Harley Panhead chopper named Grease Monkey.
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    Thinking of going down to a 12/14/20

    Consider going 20/13/15 or 20/12/15.
  18. Vintage Old School

    Mr. Elvin Jones' Gretsch Floor Tom

    Nice piece of history!
  19. Vintage Old School

    Testing brand new camera - Blackmagic Pocket 4k!

    That is a very nice camera! Have fun with it.
  20. Vintage Old School

    Ludwig Drum kits - your favourite line

    Not a Ludwig owner, but for me Legacy Mahogany all the way with Legacy Maple being a close second.