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    What's In A Name?

    Leland Sklar on his YouTube channel mentioned an interesting story the other day about individuals with strong names: Thurl Ravenscroft (actor, voice actor, singer), Gray Baskerville (legendary hot rodder), and Basil Rathbone (Shakespearean actor). That got me to thinking. So if you could...
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    DW3500 Hi-Hat: Good, Bad and the Ugly

    I'm thinking of picking up the prior version of the DW3500 3-Leg Hi-Hat stand (pictured below) as a back-up stand. I'm currently using the 2-Leg DW5500 stand as my primary hi-hat stand and I only use a single bass drum pedal. If you've had any experience with the prior DW3500 series your input...
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    Aquarian Tone-Tabs

    Has anyone had hands on experience with Aquarian Tone-Tabs (T-Tabs)? What are your thoughts?
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    One Off Joyful Noise Snare

    If you believe that good things come to those who wait then I have a story for you. The Readers Digest Paraphrase: I randomly won a Joyful Noise snare drum a few years back in a contest. Curt Waltrip graciously let me spec out my dream snare. It is a Joyful Noise 4” X 14” aluminum shell but...
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    Throw In The Towel

    I just purchased four new Ultra Velvet Soft Microfiber towels to clean my drums and bass. I've never seen anything softer than these. They're best used dry to clean and polish. 16" X 16". Under $4 per towel. Thought I'd "throw in the towel" for everyone here. Link below is my vendor for all...
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    Who's Subbing For Anton Fig On The Joe Bonamassa Tour

    Anton Fig broke his ankle back in June and is recuperating. I heard that Greg Morrow was subbing for Anton on the current Joe Bonamassa tour. A friend of mine caught the show last night in Oklahoma City and was wondering who the current drummer is. He only caught the drummer's first name...
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    DW 5000 Strap Pedal & DW 9000 Strap Pedal Input

    Anybody here who has owned/played both a DW 5000 strap pedal and a DW 9000 strap pedal I could use your insight and input. Backstory is I purchased a new DW 9000 dual-chain pedal around 1990. While I was glad I got it, I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be. I sold that pedal with my...
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    TAMA Gong Bass Drum

    I just checked off another item on my projects list. I won’t bore you with all the details but there is a lesson to be learned here. I picked up a brand new TAMA 20” Gong Bass Drum in 1983. The inner and outer veneer was a dirty, muddy brown finish over pebbly wood texture clear coated with...
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    New Yamaha Recording Series 8" X 14" Birch Snare Drum

    Anybody here have hands on experience with the new 2019 Yamaha Recording Series 8" X 14" Birch Snare Drum? Would appreciate any input. Give me the good, bad and the ugly.
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    Puresound MS4 Snare Cord--Any Good?

    I came to the game late after discovering the Ludwig orange snare cord a few years back. I have been extremely pleased with it. I'm curious if anyone here has tried the Puresound MS4 brown nylon snare cord and what your thoughts are.
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    Your Favorite COB Snare

    I've been pouring through all the old threads on COB snares but decided to start this thread for fresh perspectives. I'm not concerned as much with the best COB snare as much as what is your favorite COB snare and why. Anybody playing the Gretsch USA G4160 5" X 14" snare I would especially...
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    Help Needed Identifying TAMA Bracket

    I haven't had any luck locating the TAMA part number on the following bracket: Early 1980's TAMA Gong Bass Drum Need to identify the OEM L-Rod Bracket (10.5 mm L-Rod)
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    Book Club

    Give me wisdom of books I have not read. Especially since I haven't read Volume One.
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    Anybody Used These Mic's On Kick Drums?

    Looking for some honest feedback if anyone here has used any of the following microphones on kick drum: Sennheiser e901, Audio-Technica AT4050 and the Solomon Low Freq sub kick.
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    TAMA Kenny Aronoff Track Master 4" X 15" Snare

    Anybody here spent any time playing the TAMA Kenny Aronoff Signature Track Master 4" X 15" snare drum? What's your take?
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    5 Inch Deep Snares

    After reading through the Drumhead Special Issue enSNARED Vol. 1 my one take away was that there was a much heavier representation of 5 inch deep snares than I expected. That size doesn't surprise me for recording purposes, but most of the threads that I've read on this forum asking for...
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    Primary & Auxiliary Snares--What Are You Using?

    I recently caught the Reunion Tour of the Dixie Dregs in Dallas at The House of Blues and noticed Rod Morgenstein was using a primary and auxiliary snare set up on tour. For those of you using primary/auxiliary snares I'd like to hear what you're using (sizes, shell materials) and why you like...
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    Chris McHugh KDB-1 Signature Bass Drum Beater

    Just curious if anybody here has tried or is using the Innovative Percussion Chris McHugh KDB-1 Signature bass drum beater. What's your take on it?
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    Affordable Sub Snake

    I just used the HOSA Little Brother 50-foot 8 Channel Sub Snake on a series of film shoots for location recording. This ended up being a life saver for me on location. For anyone looking for an affordable sub-snake (home studio/small venue live performance) the HOSA sub-snakes are great...
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    24" Ride Cymbal Users--What Size "Crashes" Are You Using?

    Random question for all the players here using 24" (or larger) ride cymbals: what size crash cymbals--or crashable rides--are you using? No real agenda here, just curious what others are using. Just an educational exercise on my part.