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    British Drum Company on ITV4 Tonight

    A heads up for UK members that BDC are on a programme on ITV 4 tonight Thursday 1st April at 8pm. The programme is called Made In Britain, I've got no idea if it's any good or how long their segment is but I thought it worth mentioning.
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    Band Set Up Woes Again. Grrrr

    I’ve spoken of something similiar in the distant past, and last night it was entirely my fault that it happened again. I’m being facetious because the only thing I did wrong was not get to the pub first for the first time in a long time. So I pulled up to the pub for last night’s gig and both...
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    My DW Ultralight Hardware Journey

    Since discovering the DW Ultralight hardware almost 18 months ago I’ve become a bit of an advocate of the range and chipped in to a few discussions on the topic here on Drummerworld. However the range (like all hardware ranges) is a compromise between weight, durability, stability, ease of use...
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    Charity Gig Woes / Rant

    Charity Gig. How do you say no? Because we've been asked and aren't keen to do charity gigs, can you share ideas or stock phrases you use to politely turn people down. Lying isn't an option :-)
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    The Vagaries Of Gig Booking

    I was reminded yet again last night of the difficulty and idiocy encountered when booking gigs for a band. I’m in two bands, I’m gigging in one or the other almost every Saturday night this year and we’re all happy with that, however if a decent Friday or Sunday opportunity...
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    3/4 Messed With My Mind

    A strange one from our rehearsal the other night. We’re including a couple of Christmas songs in our set for December, two we’ve done in the past so it was just a matter of refreshing our minds. The third however is one we’ve never done before and as we started playing I realised that I’d...
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    The Other Reason For Drum Mats

    Whenever possible I don't carry my drum mat to a gig, I own a car as opposed to a van or an estate car so it's nice when I can pack all of my gear without having to fold seats down and leave the inevitable wood chippings stuck in the boot mat. This Friday and Saturday I'm playing consecutive...
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    For Those About To Jam...30 Years On

    So hopefully an interesting night ahead for me as I'm getting together to jam with my oldest mate and musical accomplice. The last time we played together was in 2006, but in hindsight what we did then was not much more than a weekly get together/social over a handful of months as we tackled...
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    Gig Rant-Guitarists

    Honestly, people joke about drummers being dense but the truth is very different. We did two gigs at the weekend. One in a pub that used to be a Working Men's Club, and one in a pub that's really going to lengths to make it a real music venue. What they have in common is a proper stage, not huge...
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    Tell Me About My Stagg Jia Snare Please!

    So after my excellent experience of a 14" snare drum the other night (the "In Praise Of My Catalina Club Snare Drum" in this forum) I chanced upon a bargain snare drum in my local second hand shop yesterday. It's a maple finish (and I believe of maple construction) Stagg Jia 14" x 5.5" drum...
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    In Praise Of My Catalina Club Snare

    So a year ago I bought a Gretsch Catalina Club drum kit, re headed it prior to my first gig and was blown away by it.....with the exception of the snare drum. It was light in weight, very "rattly" and simply didn't instil confidence. Not that it mattered I already had my trusty 12" Mapex Black...
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    Two Cymbal Topics, One Thread

    A couple of things that have come to my mind regarding cymbals in the last few months. Firstly the least contentious one. I'm in two bands, a Classic Rock band and another playing British Glam Rock of the early to mid 70s. In my Glam Rock band I realised something and put it to the test at a...
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    Flunked Myself A More Comfortable Seating Possition

    Fluked Myself A More Comfortable Seating Position Hi All, Sometimes I sit down at a gig and feel great, other times I don't seem to be hitting the snare drum correctly or feeling fully "in" the drum kit, but by pure chance I found a few things that may help me get it right in future. We were...
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    British Drum Company

    Hi All, The British Drum Company recently came up in a discussion on a thread about Premier drums that disappeared due to a technical glitch. For those of you who's interest was piqued, or who are currently none the wiser, here's a video that's just appeared today on the Mike Dolbear website to...
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    Asked To Play For Free Again

    Being asked to play for free for a charity event is nothing new, however due to the unusual nature of a recent request I sat down to do the maths and came up with this. The request was to play a Charity Festival in just under 4 months time and it wasn't either of the bands that I'm currently in...
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    Hitting The Wall And Need To Gig....NOW

    After months in the preparation my new band is ready to gig on December the 17th and the day can't come soon enough! Here's the reason and I wonder if it rings bells with anyone. When we got together we had a handful of songs that we worked up over the course of a few weeks until we got them to...
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    Slimmed My Gear Down Last Night

    I had a busy day yesterday, I knew that the gig we were doing that night didn't have the greatest of load ins, and in addition to it all I was in one of those moods where I wanted to keep things simple. SO, instead of taking 3 crash cymbals I took 2, I didn't bother with my splash cymbal, I...
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    DW Ultralight Cymbal Stand

    Well I picked up a DW Ultralight straight cymbal stand and used it in practice last night and I must say I'm impressed. It's very light, obviously, it packs down to a compact size, the weight and the fact that the legs are smaller than on most tripod stands makes it easy to flip it about in your...
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    I was going to post this under the "Why Must It Be So Loud" thread but there's enough differences in the story to warrant me venting off steam in a whole new thread. Over the weekend my band played a gig at a Rock pub, we agreed on a time to arrive which would give us ample time to soundcheck...