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    5/8 Odd Time Drumming

    Hey folks, just uploaded a new lesson on 5/8 odd time drumming. You can download the accompanying pdf: 5/8 Odd Time Drumming I'd really like it if you guys could share some of your favorite tracks in five (5/4, 5/8, etc) so that we can build up a little playlist to help everyone get to grips...
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    Rich Redmond Interview

    Just posted a new interview with Rich Redmond along with a competition to win a Skype lesson with the man himself... Good luck!! ;-)
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    Soulive Video Lesson & Transcription

    Hey folks, just uploaded another vid and transcription to get your teeth into. This one's from one of my favorite bands Soulive. Hurry Up And Wait - Soulive Hope you like it!
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    (Everytime I Turn Around) Back In Love Again - Video Lesson And Transcription

    Here's a little smothering of funk to add to your repertoire: Most of you guys won't find this challenging technically but it's a great groove tune that goes down well on the club and party circuit. DN
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    The Rhythm Shift Timing Exercise

    Hey Drummerworldies, I was originally going to do this as a blog post but thought it would be cool to fire it up here in the forum instead. This exercise is great for developing your stick control, timing and focus. It seems simple enough but when you give it a try you'll see how challenging it...
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    Dom Famularo Interview

    I had the good fortune of talking with Dom Famularo this past week and he is without doubt one of the most inspiring drummers I've ever spoken with. Check it out and let me know your thoughts... Dom Famularo Interview
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    Russ Miller Interview

    Hey folks, Had the pleasure of talking with Russ Miller this past week and got some great advice for you... If you've ever wanted to be a session guy or want to know what the business is like then I think you'll get some good stuff from...
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    Marco Minnemann Interview

    I had the pleasure of talking to Marco over iChat at the beginning of the week and have to say he was a very cool and funny guy. Hope there's some good info in there for you... I've posted some of his videos along with the...
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    Mike Johnston Interview

    Hey guys, just thought I'd let you know that I recently interviewed Mike Johnston of He was a real pleasure to talk to and offers up some great advice... Please, let me know your thoughts.
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    Pete Lockett Interview

    Pete Lockett took some time to share his experiences and explain the complex Indian Rhythm System... I hope you enjoy the interview! :-)
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    Bob Gatzen Interview

    Hey folks, Just letting you know that I recently interviewed Bob Gatzen... He's the go to guy in the product development field and works closely with Evans, DW, and Zildjian. If you're a gear head and want to get into that side of the...
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    David Garibaldi Lick

    A nice lick idea from David Garibaldi...
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    Narada Michael Walden Lick

    A tasty lick idea from legendary drummer and producer Narada Michael Walden:
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    eBook Giveaway - The Psychology Of Drumming

    If anyone's interested in getting their hands on the download (pdf) version of The Psychology Of Drumming then click the link...(it's free!) Download The Psychology Of Drumming The book features interviews with Thomas Lang, Jojo Mayer, Steve Smith, Airto and a bunch of awesome drummers. They...
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    Run This Town

    Having a little bash at Jay-Z's Run This Town:
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    The Jeff Porcaro Shuffle

    Here's my attempt at breaking down the phenomenon that is the porcaro shuffle:
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    Drum Cover: Sexy Chick by David Guetta

    Having a bash at David Guetta's, Sexy Chick You ever seen the actual video? How come the parties I go to never end up like that?
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    Up & Down Flam Lick

    Hey guys, Here's a little lick idea that makes use of the the flam: Rhythm: 16th Notes (Broken) Sticking: F RL RL F, RL RL F, F RL RL F, RL RL F URL:
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    Todd Sucherman Interview

    Hey folks, Todd Sucharman was kind enough to answer some questions about playing with Styx, life on the road and his goals behind Methods & Mechanics...
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    Interview With Chuck Silverman

    Hey guys, I just caught up with Chuck Silverman (Latin-Funk specialist and teahcer at MI in Hollywood) for an interview: In brief, he talks about how he got started in this style, what it takes to get to grips with the style and...