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    I’ve gone and done it. No more suspended floor toms!

    I have two floor toms that I need to put leg brackets on. How difficult is it?
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    you can only pick two snare drums...

    My '67 Acrolite. That is all.
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    What I Did and What I Ended Up With

    I have a Sabian 18" thin crash made in 1982 that works great as a ride. I used it at my church along with an 8" splash and that's all I need.
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    Pearl 75th Anniversary

    Yes, I've heard that they were in a lot of Nashville studios back in the day. In fact. Mine came from a recording studio.
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    Question about old Weather Master heads

    I have three vintage Ludwig snare drums with the original Weather Master Orchestra batter heads. They are all in great shape for their age. Two are '67s and one is a '66. Is there anything I need to do to keep them usable as long as possible? They sound great to my ears and nothing else quite...
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    Pearl 75th Anniversary

    I completely refurbished two 1968 Pearl Deluxe kits. One is in red sparkle the other is Tiger Eye Pearl. No other kit I've ever played sounds like these. I put Remo pinstripes on the Tiger Eyes and coated Ambassadors on the red sparkles. The red ones also have stick saver hoops. One is deep fat...
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    Suspension mounts & floor tom legs - Sound influence

    I use compressed air on my toms to keep them suspended in mid air. Then I put three yards of duct tape on the batter heads. That gives me that 70's Doors sound I'm after.
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    Help I’m old and at a crossroads!!

    This ^ If you don't tune your drums properly ( not saying that you didn't) you'll get overtones instead of resonance. Overtones can be a different frequency than your main tone and sound "off". Drums that ring out are only pleasant if they are tuned properly top and bottom. Get someone to play...
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    Are sparkles disappearing?

    Champagne sparkle is scarce and very expensive. The Delmar product is nearly $300 per sheet.
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    A 19” crash for all occasions...

    I have a 19" Zildjian A medium thin crash that I love. It's always a part of my main kit. I also have several Paiste 602 crashes that are my all time favorites. To me they are the sweetest crash cymbals you can buy.
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    Tendonitis in the elbow

    Check your mechanics and be sure you're playing with your fingers, not your arms. Overuse is probably the cause. I hurt my wrist by over practicing. I found that 30-45 minutes is plenty and use the rest of my time to play. Rest is usually the best way to get tendonitis to go away.
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    Am I too old to start drumming?

    Drumming is life, everything else is just waiting. It's never too late. I got back into drumming after a 30 year hiatus. I'm a much better player now than I was as a teenager. Go for it!
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    Why use expensive, good sounding cymbals?

    Cymbals don't have to be expensive to sound good. I've got a Paiste 502 20" ride that sounds really good in any setting. I paid $50 for it in pristine condition. My local blues bar has a jam once a week and one of the crash cymbals was an old 14" Stagg. I was amazed at how good it sounded.
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    Thinking of going down to a 12/14/20

    I play a 20,12,14 Pearl Session Series kit. As most Pearl guys know the Session 20" bass drum packs a wallop. I can tune them high, low or in-between and play anything.. it's a great all round kit that I pick first for gigging. A lot of 16" floor toms are tricky to tune but the 14 is a breeze.
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    New decade, new brand!

    I put Response 2 clears on my Renowns and they sound great. Very easy to tune low and have just the right amount of sustain.
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    Pearl EXX heads

    Anybody got any suggestions for heads for a Pearl EXX kit? I've got other Pearls with Pinstripes and Coated Ambassadors. Looking for a deep, rich tone with sustain. I got these for a song but I know they can be set up to sound good....just don't want to spend a fortune trying different heads.
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    Back beat dragging help (aka I can't seem to stop doing it)

    A lot of my practicing is playing along to a track to memorize the song. "Playing along isn't playing." I find that when I play along it's very easy to be a touch behind the beat. I fix this by loosening my grip on my right hand ( I play left handed) and making sure I'm relaxed. Then I make a...
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    Bassist Beginning to Want to Explore the World of Drumming.

    I did the opposite and took bass lessons for a while. I learned that playing bass is easy but playing it well is very difficult. Good luck and have fun.
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    Brand new to drumming.

    "I've got socks older than you!" Seriously, find a good teacher and work on developing and keeping good time. Believe it or not that's 90% of drumming. Have fun and best of luck to you.
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    Your ride cymbal (in review)

    I have several ride cymbals but the two I play the most are my Sabian AA 20" medium ride and my Zildjian A Custom 20" ride. The A Custom is a bit brighter but it has a nice mellow tone to it...not too loud. The AA is classic 60's with the perfect combination of wash and ping. Both crash very...