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  1. Griffin

    I haven’t been around much lately — completed EP

    I haven’t been on this message board for a couple of months. Life’s been pretty hectic! But pretty excited because yesterday my band launched the project I’ve been working on... our debut EP. If you’re interested and or have time, I’d love to know what people think! And I promise I’ll be around...
  2. Griffin

    Some band promos we’ve been working on!

    Hey, so I’ve been a bit MIA in these parts lately— been really busy with uni and managing my band (live music is making a slow come back 🎉), but here’s some promo stuff I’ve been putting together for Instagram reels (it’s Instagram’s new feature that’s basically tik tok or if you’re old the vine...
  3. Griffin

    First Gig with new Line Up

    Had our first gig last night. Due to Covid it was a seated gig (no standing/gathering with people not on Your table and especially no dancing) and has limited numbers. The venue capacity was 50 with staff, and we hit that which was nice. There were three bands and a solo artist. The solo artist...
  4. Griffin

    Another Original from Practice

    As before a bit rough and ready. But this is us rehearsing our original song (written by mself and the keys player) Get Around. It’s a duet about, well getting someone around haha. This one also features some more low-key Jon Farris stick twirling just for @Al Strange The photographer is my...
  5. Griffin

    New Original from latest rehearsal

    Had band practice last night trying to get in shape for a gig we have next week. This is a new original I wrote that we’re working on. It’s still a little rough and ready and the audio is just straight from the camera (also the camera positioning is less than ideal), but it gives you a general...
  6. Griffin

    Not sure if I Love it or Hate it

    This just popped up on Instagram and as the thread title suggests I’m not sure how I feel about it.
  7. Griffin

    Movies/TV shows with bad drumming scenes

    If this is already a thread forgive me but I couldn’t find one that covered this exactly. We’ve also seen movies/TV shows where the drums are set up like this and it really takes me out of the show. But more recently I’ve been noticing other subtler stuff. I’ve been watching the Parenthood TV...
  8. Griffin

    SD246 or Stage Custom Steel

    Hey guys, I’m looking at getting a cheap steel snare. For essentially the same money I can get either a brand new Stage Custom steel or a used SD246 ( I don’t know a whole lot about the...
  9. Griffin

    A little acoustic original

    Just before covid we managed the debut gig of our band. afterward we wound up in a park with a few drinks celebrating and recorded (a fairly low quality) version of one of our original songs. I was stuck playing the back of a ukulele but other than a few tipsy errors I don’t reckon we did too...
  10. Griffin

    Stage Custom Hip

    Curious if anyone has tried one of these out yet or at least seen one in person? Also I know that’s the snom thing is popping up on a few of these smaller kits now, what do people think/ does anyone use one?
  11. Griffin

    B20 or bust

    I’ve always been a Paiste guy so the idea a cymbal has to be b20 allot to me has always seemed silly. But I notice whenever someone asks for cymbal advice a bunch of people will respond and use b20 as a way to justify their suggestions. Do people still believe in b20 or bust? And if so why/why...
  12. Griffin

    A little cover we threw together back when covid started

    Back when covid started, and before we lost our singer, we threw this quick little 90s cover together. It’s all pretty low-tech and due to having to record in my apartment required us to use my DTX532, but here it is in all its glory haha
  13. Griffin

    Gig bags for Manu Katche Jr kit

    Hey guys, I have a Yamaha Manu Katche Jr kit (5 piece version of the hip gig kit) and was wondering if anyone knows of a set of gig bags that suit the sizes ( 16"x15" bass drum with riser, 10"x7"and 12"x7" toms, a 14"x13" floor tom, and a 12"x5" snare) or am I just going to need to grab bags a...