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  1. Deathmetalconga

    Looking at your foot

    I was practicing today and I was having some trouble doing 16ths in some tricky places with my bass drum. In frustration, I stared at my right foot and tried executing the patterns and it was actually much easier. I found I could control how far the beater traveled from the head between notes...
  2. Deathmetalconga

    Guitarists not wanted

    I'm putting together a project with a bassist and a trombonist (both of them found on Craigslist). We want to get more melodic instruments, but specifically don't want any guitars. They're like the default white dude instrument. I've played with guitarists my whole life and I will play with them...
  3. Deathmetalconga

    I hate Macs!

    But it's a lot harder now because I bought one. 2011 MacBook Pro on Craigslist for $500, including Microsoft Office for Mac and other accessories. I am starting a computer science program next month and everyone I talked to said Macs are best for computer programming, including Web development...
  4. Deathmetalconga

    English drummer killed in attack.

    Incredibly sad.
  5. Deathmetalconga

    Tama Stagemaster hardware?

    I am looking to get a hihat for my cocktail set and I've located one on Craigslist locally. It appears to be an older Tama Stagemaster, single braced and light duty. That's actually what I am looking for, something lighter, and it extends high enough to play standing. But I've always used...
  6. Deathmetalconga

    Not your typical drum solo

    Just too freaky for me! Must be Blue Men. If you're already seen it, say nothing and leave. Chances are it's been posted and deleted but I had to share it.
  7. Deathmetalconga

    Downton Abbey

    Normally my tastes in cinema vary from horror to violent science fiction, but my wife got me into Downton Abbey and I really like it. Getting into the second season now on Hulu. Anyone else liking it? Duh, I misspelled Downton Abbey in the title of this thread!
  8. Deathmetalconga

    Elvin Jones Wordpress theme

    For those of you who build Web sites, or need to build your own media-oriented site, check this out.
  9. Deathmetalconga

    Woman death metal singer surprises talent show

    Hilarious! I wonder what the audience thought.
  10. Deathmetalconga

    Is there such a thing as 1 time?

    I have wondered about this lately. Is there any such thing as 1 time - 1/1, 1/2, 1/4 time, etc. I suppose you could break anything down to 1, much in the same way as you could break down 4, 6, 8, 10, etc., into 2, or how you could break 6, 9 or 12 into 3. However, there is a difference in feel...
  11. Deathmetalconga

    Being a drummer

    I got a kick out of this.
  12. Deathmetalconga

    Trading mics

    I have three Audio Technica PRO 35 mics I'd like to trade for a pair of Rode NT 5 overheads. How do I find someone who'd be able and willing to do this?
  13. Deathmetalconga

    Repurposing drum gear

    I had this low-quality 10-inch cymbal laying around so last year I turned it into a clock for the music room. There's a lot of discussion about using non-drum items in a drum set. But I'd like to see examples of drums, cymbals, hardware, sticks, heads, etc., being used for non-drumming and...
  14. Deathmetalconga

    Playing with finesse

    Who do you think plays with the most finesse? Manu Katche's drumming on In Your Eyes is one of the most finesse songs I have ever heard. Vinnie Coliauta and Steve Gadd probably leave a layer of finesse residue on a set just playing on it. Stewart Copeland also has it. To me, finesse is the...
  15. Deathmetalconga

    Hang Drum and octave mandolin

    This is from a few weeks ago. Myself on a Hang drum tuned in Hijaz D Major scale, playing with an octave mandolin, which is basically a large mandolin that sounds like a cross between a guitar and oud.
  16. Deathmetalconga

    Parodies of drum instructional videos

    Hilarious! A whole series of them. Pompous wanking laid bare with the Really Complicated Drumming Technique videos. Double pedals, multiple snares, gong drums and other silliness adds street cred.
  17. Deathmetalconga

    Thickening a drum head

    My drums are made of very dense wood and are very thick, which produces lots of overtones. My bass drum is only 18 by 18, so I didn't want to stick a pillow in there because it would reduce the interior volume substantially and effectively reduce the volume of the drum. So I thought to thicken...
  18. Deathmetalconga

    Keeping beats in your head

    Often I will hear a beat that I like and sing or hum it to myself, maybe if twitch air drum it a bit. I can't wait to get home and try it. Except when I get behind the set, it falls out of my head. This drives me nuts - anyone else have this problem and what do you do about it? Maybe I should...
  19. Deathmetalconga


    I play in a klezmer band called The Moody Jews and we had a gig last week for a fundraiser at a synagogue. I'll be putting up more but here are a couple of songs: Misirlou Bei Mir Bist Du Shon
  20. Deathmetalconga

    Busking "Impressions" with cocktail set, bass & sax

    Saturday was a fun day: