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  1. Andy

    Help me out here

    Most likely scenario. It's only when you have a desire / use for something with a different delivery that it's worth having a look.
  2. Andy

    you can only pick two snare drums...

    That's not the one you played Alain, it was my 13" x 7" ebony segmented :)
  3. Andy

    Walnut vs Bubinga

    Out of the two options, thin shell walnut will get you furthest away from maple. The thicker the shell, the greater the homoginisation of wood species in terms of delivery. All things being equal, bubinga will deliver more ultimate lows than walnut, but also a bump in the upper mids & highs...
  4. Andy

    Forum hacked

    A huge thank you Bernhard & Markus for the long hours of work to rescue the forum from the hands of these scum. Andy.
  5. Andy

    I was embarrassed to share this but has anyone else had a night like this behind the kit?

    Good story with a couple of humorous inexplicables in there, but if that's your height of dysfunction / embarrassment to date, oh boy have you got some old fartisms yet to come ;)
  6. Andy

    Easter Greetings

    & a happy Easter to you too Bernhard (y) This inspired a new thread title idea - "best castors to use on a drum throne" :ROFLMAO:
  7. Andy

    The Police - Synchronicity II Cover

    Really solid - great pace - super consistent backbeat = very enjoyable :cool:
  8. Andy

    In ears

    Larry, my only general observation on wireless anything music gear related - it always costs way more than the wired nearest equivalent, is generally not as good, and has additional built in unreliability / performance negatives. If you need to move around a lot, wireless has advantages worth...
  9. Andy

    Sold the Gurus

    For the record Larry, you 100% got me on the thread title. My internal reaction was "surely not!" As for buying / selling Gurus these days, I did buy a kit a few months back. One of maybe two kits I've seen for sale in the last 6 years, & it was bought / for sale under very specific...
  10. Andy

    One clip I'm not embarrassed to share.

    Thank you for the big up, but like many of us here, I'm just a simple player enjoying being the best I can with the tools I have. It's been a very long time since I earned a modest journeyman living from playing basic parts - the bar is set so much higher these days. My joy is contributing to...
  11. Andy

    One clip I'm not embarrassed to share.

    I really enjoyed that. Great time & playing totally appropriate to the songs - what's not to like!
  12. Andy

    Sold the Gurus

  13. Andy

    Listen to your hearing

    Thank you all for your supportive & informative posts = much appreciated. Primary purpose of my post is to encourage regular checking / comparison between left & right hearing. Thanks Larry. I'm informed the low frequency loss to the left ear stands a significant chance of being permanent. I...
  14. Andy

    Listen to your hearing

    For a short while, I've been dealing with a health scare related to my hearing. It's a bit of a story, but worth a read. A few weeks ago I was working through a drum mix. I noticed all the bottom end was missing from the floor tom stem, so I applied some EQ to see if I could balance it, but...
  15. Andy

    British Drum Company on ITV4 Tonight

    Previous Rhythm magazine owners (Future Publishing) made a right mess of the London drum show when they bought it from Golding productions (current owners of the UK Drum show). As for the new owners of Rhythm magazine, time will tell. I know Neil Golding well having worked with him for years...
  16. Andy

    Does a drum rack save you time?

    Saves me time & cuts down on stage real estate compared to stands on my 6 piece setup.
  17. Andy

    The River - Drum Cover

    Really enjoyable!
  18. Andy

    Drum Mics

    I really rate my PR48 on bass drum :)
  19. Andy

    Am I getting old?...

    Totally agree. Terrible things, & largely ineffective in achieving the intended result. As our delivery majors on rich low end, these devices are especially a PITA. My band operates a 100% avoidance policy. As for kit micing, I will almost always use a bass drum mic for a touch of low end...
  20. Andy

    Dark Theme for Drummerworld Forum is here!!

    Great work Supergrobi! It's cool to have both options!