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  1. Andy

    Listen to your hearing

    For a short while, I've been dealing with a health scare related to my hearing. It's a bit of a story, but worth a read. A few weeks ago I was working through a drum mix. I noticed all the bottom end was missing from the floor tom stem, so I applied some EQ to see if I could balance it, but...
  2. Andy

    I reckon Cozy & Ronnie would approve.

  3. Andy

    Walk the Dinosaur - Funky Fun Friday

    Winging it a bit here, simple stuff, but so much fun. Testing out my new Ahmet Legend crashes & new snare mic. Pretty pleased :)
  4. Andy

    Corn starch practice pad?

    Just for fun, something frivolous to enhance your Thursday knowledge. Skip to around 4:30 to see results
  5. Andy

    Live drum cam

    On organising files, I stumbled across some drum cam footage I thought I'd deleted, so decided to put this little edit together. Recorded on an old Zoom Q3 HD, but the camera audio is pretty decent for a fairly loud stage.
  6. Andy

    Post your pre Covid gig shots

    I've been looking through some gig footage from just before everything disappeared, & it put a smile on my face, so I thought why not start a picture thread as a forum cheer up :) Here's a few from my last significant gig just before lockdown. They're actually screen shot stills from a video...
  7. Andy

    Something different - Christmas message

    Posting here as a combo Andy Christmas message, & I hope this brings some cheer :) We put this mini movie & soundtrack together over the last few days via distance collaboration as a mood lifter, & it's certainly a different take on this classic Christmas carol. My contribution is percussion &...
  8. Andy

    A little story

    After 8 years, this rare little beauty is coming home. The first of only 3 steam bent English ash Origin series kits in existence, and a kit used in numerous sessions + video appearances. It's been in the highly capable hands of Dave McKeague since retiring from Guru demo service. It's seen a...
  9. Andy

    Shure Beta 181

    Anyone with experience of these on snare and / or toms? If so, which capsule?
  10. Andy

    Seems legit

    Just thought I'd leave this here :rolleyes: I can't believe the size of that port hole protector!!!!
  11. Andy

    Good to know.

    I'm hoping this is of interest. I can certainly attest to the struggles I had post stroke, the drumming related conversations / observations I had with my consultant, and my own "remapping" journey.
  12. Andy

    One of our own

    Alain Rieder - Long time Drummerworld member, accomplished player, author, & educator, has been struck down with COVID 19, and is currently battling in ICU in Geneva since October 30th. I believe Alain is receiving breathing assistance, but is stable & improving. Let's hope it continues in...
  13. Andy

    Conn Settinery

    I've become quite a fan of Conn Settinery's approach to playing since being hooked up to the incredible Rebecca Johnson band by Leyland Sklar. Conn has a really loose yet tight approach - quite the skill! He seems to have zero issue taking some big creative risks - almost (but not quite) to...
  14. Andy

    Yolanda Charles MBE!

    It's just been announced that my friend Yolanda has been awarded an MBE in the new year honours list. It's not uncommon for "famous" musicians to receive such an honour, but very rare for someone who's fairly unknown outside of music circles, and (even though the establishment will deny this)...
  15. Andy

    Bill Bruford's yard sale

    Apologies for the Facebook video link, but I'm not aware if this is available on another platform. Either way, a fairly unique offer of equipment that may interest some here. Doubtless prices will be very high on some signature items, but I'd imagine some of the unique cymbals / percussion...
  16. Andy

    From behind the keyboard

    I caught this post on a Guru YT video designed to assist those requiring info on the machining steps to create a specific type of bearing edge. Waffle doesn't begin to cover it - got to love experts :) The video if anyone's interested - individual advise on cutter form was offered elsewhere...
  17. Andy

    Journey tracking

    Tracking some FU stuff today with my home setup. Nothing fancy mic's / recording wise, and a way less than ideal space, but I'm so pleased with the results from my Origin ovangkol toms - especially the two 10" tom combo :) Care to guess what track this drum fills break is from? Full track...
  18. Andy

    First time in 6 months!

    Fully sanitised, distanced, & stripped down, but great to finally play as a band! Drummer covid temp check clip at the end - 91.3C!! Warning - expletives 🤪 Audio straight from Zoom Q8 camera mic.
  19. Andy

    Erm ---

  20. Andy


    UK yesterday.