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  1. Mirkko

    Not 1 but 2 new drum videos! Elton John & FROST!

    Ei Guys! I'm not having that much time to make drum videos lately, beacuse some tourning with my band HANGARVAIN, lessons and sessions, but I've been asking very often to 'back' to do some youtube stuff- I've a week "free" before going on tour again, so I've recorded some tracks I really love...
  2. Mirkko

    My New ORIOLLO Bronze snare drum!

    Very glad to start this collaboration with Oriollo Drums Serbia- They make wonderful metal instrument and this Bronze 'Dardanelli Series' I've just received it just blows me away! These are the specs- Size: 14" x 7" Material: Bronze (Oribronze alloy) Thickness: 2.7mm Top bearing edge: rounded...
  3. Mirkko

    Now this Sonor kit is UNIQUE!

    After almost 5 months of wait i've received this tiny tom in 8x7 from Sonor for my Birch Infinite- This is a discontinued limited edition kit with limited sizes (10-12-14-16-22 and snare) so with this add on it has become a real ONE of a kind! It's beautiful and it sounds phenomenal
  4. Mirkko

    The Bat-snare and the Joker-snare?

    Just got these in the mailbox! First is an old stave one bought from JTP kind of 7 years a go, at the time i've tried to build a snare by myself, but i wasn't satisfied, so i gave it to an italian drum maker and he turn it into this Bat snare - thin stave shell (oak and purple heart) 7x14, all...
  5. Mirkko

    My Sonor Birch Infinite + NEW Sabian! (yes!)

  6. Mirkko

    My New Dixon Matrix Green Beast!

    Hello there! finally i made a video and some pics with my new Dixon Artisan Limited - Shells are all in bubinga, no reinforcement rings- Sizes are 16"x24", 18"x20" kicks 7"x8", 8"x10", 8"x12" rack toms 12"x13" floor tom (on the left), 14"x14", 15"x16" floor toms 5"x12" cordia/maple auxiliary...
  7. Mirkko

    New Video! Monster kit inside!

    Guys, recorded this last week with my new drum kit- hope you like it- If you have a YouTube channel please subscribe mine, i'll do the same with yours- Please let me know what do you think! :D
  8. Mirkko

    Lady GaGa - Djent Drum Cover by Mirkko De Maio-

    Guys :) Just uploaded my latest drum video…please let me know what do you think about it \m/
  9. Mirkko

    New Mike Johnston's Transition Ride from MEINL! SWEEEEET!

    Here's the new MEINL Transition Ride 21" made for Mike Johnston- is this ride the definitive hybrid? Seems it is!
  10. Mirkko

    Pagan's Mind -God's Equation drum cover-prog stuff!

    Ei! I guess this is my first song drum cover- Love this song and love Pagan's Mind- The track is not so hard to play, very straight- also i've played on the original song (bought on Itunes) without any click track, so if you hear any flam parts, now you know the reason :P Hope you like my...
  11. Mirkko

    Video of me recording in my studio

    Guys i've recorded some tracks for a metalcore/prog band and i took the chance to film the whole thing. Just snippets of the drum parts- Hope u like it. PS video and sound are flat and come from the ZOOM Q3HD
  12. Mirkko

    Mirkko DeMaio new DS drums official endorser ! (some pics inside)

    Ei WZP guyz!!! Cool news-i'm now a DS Drum Sound official endorser ( ) - This brand is from Italy and it's very well knew for the quality and the sound of their instruments, i don't wanna tell too much about the quality overall like an ass licker because my endorsement -...
  13. Mirkko

    New "Epic" drum video by me (Mirkko DeMaio)

    So-finally here my new video "LORD OF THE OCEANS", latest one from my "Epic" style drum cover. I really wanted to make a new "official" video since ages, but i've found the time to do it, just last week. Don't expect super tech stuff from this video- just heavy grooves in these tracks that i...
  14. Mirkko

    @ NAMM !

    Friends Drummerworld forum- just wanna tell you that i will be this year at NAMM show in January 24 to 27, 2013- If someone of you will go there too, please find me at the MEINL both to say hello and have a chat-i'll stay there mainly, but i'll walk around the area too of course! Very excited to...
  15. Mirkko

    MEINL day in Rome-VIDEO of my performance-

    Guys! A FB friend just gave me this video link of a my performance during the MEINL Day in Rome (IT) made and posted by Drumset Mag (italian magazine) -i didn't know anything about this! :P Hope you like it! Set i've used -from left to right (my pov) Generation X China Crash 17" Classic Custom...
  16. Mirkko

    Some MEINL stuff for my drum studio DRUM HELL

    MEINL just sent me some great pies for my "DRUM HELL" drum studio- and i made a video unboxing the cymbals- Hope you like all- :D
  17. Mirkko

    MEINL EXPANDS BYZANCE VINTAGE (Benny Grebb's) SERIES!!! new cool models!!!

    -from their official website statement- New Benny Greb Signature Models 18” Sand Thin Crash, 18” Sand Medium Crash, 22” Sand Crash-Ride Meinl announces the expansion of the highly popular Byzance Vintage Series. Designed and developed in close cooperation with internationally famous drum...
  18. Mirkko

    MIRKKO DeMAIO (me :P) Drum Cam video from last europen tour.

    Hello Drummerworld comunity! I'm just back from an europen tour with the prog metal band called Stamina opening act for denish band Royal Hunt, so i decided to film my last concert in Italy. Here you can see some snippets from different Stamina songs with a little joke on last part of the video...
  19. Mirkko

    New cymbals endorsement for me.....MEINL !!!!!!

    Drummers! I'm so happy, i'm in tears! I'm officially a new endorser of Meinl cymbals,and now i'm on their official website! Thx too Meinl! i'm happy like a monkey to be part of this family! All the specs and some pics are on this link...
  20. Mirkko

    Mirkko DeMaio (me) drum cam live with band "STAMINA"

    Hello to everyone at Drummerworld forum!! Here a little clip from the first live gig with the hard prog rock band STAMINA (i play with them as session guy).No click,some rushing here and there. Filmed with my Zoom HDQ3 - DrumCraft kit here too with a 6,5"x13" "Lignum" birch snare. Hope...