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    Can anyone relate?

    I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I made this dumb thing and I cannot stop laughing at it.
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    Groove Essentials 22 Fast

    I’m relying more and more on playing along to prerecorded tracks to feel like I’m playing live music these days. But I’ll take what I can get.
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    Double pedal on my practice set

    This is really short, but it was time for a break from Wilcoxon solos.
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    Roc-N-Soc Nitro throne question

    Does anyone know if the current Roc-N-Soc Nitro thrones have an easily-removable seat cushion? The old ones are difficult to remove and I think I've heard they make it easier to take off now, but I'm hearing conflicting stories about this. Thanks!
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    First gig since the pandemic

    I got to play live music over the weekend for the first time since February. We kicked off some rust for sure, but it felt great to get out and play for people again. Here's a trio I play with doing a cover of Robert Cray Band's Smoking Gun.
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    Wilcoxon solos

    Instead of starting a separate thread for every Wilcoxon solo video I make, I will just post them all here in one place. These are all found in The All-American Drummer, 150 Rudimental Solo This is solo number 8.
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    Wilcoxon Solo No. 7

    I’m getting a lot of enjoyment out of learning the solos in the Wilcoxon 150 Rudimental Solos book. The Wilcoxon solos use familiar rudiments, but the way they are arranged can present some real coordinative challenges. There are a couple measures in this one that really tied my hands in knots...
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    Squib Cakes drum intro

    I've always loved this drum intro, but never took the time to work out how to play it. I found some good transcriptions online and decided there's no better time than now. This is the intro as played by David Garibaldi on the Tower Of Power album, Back To Oakland. I'm using low-volume cymbals...
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    CCR medley

    This was recorded at a gig I played with a classic rock trio not even two months ago. It feels like it took place in a different lifetime now. Missing the live music scene and anxious to get back out there.
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    Drum intro to Blue Mitchell's "Chick's Tune"

    This is my attempt at the eight-bar drum intro to the tune "Chick's Tune" from the Blue Mitchell album, The Thing To Do. This was one of the Tommy Igoe challenges that he's been putting on Instagram. Highly-recommended if you are looking for things to practice while staying home with everything...
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    Crazy Army rudimental solo

    I've been spending a lot of time on old-school rudimental solos lately. Here's Crazy Army, by Ed Lemley. Made famous by Steve Gadd on Legend Of The One-Eyed Sailor (Chuck Mangione) and on various solos. Played on my Reflexx pad.
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    Wilcoxon Solo No.3

    This is Wilcoxon Solo No.3 from 150 Rudimental Solos, played on the Reflexx pad.
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    Practice when you're tired or not at your best

    I've noticed that my ability to play technical stuff up to tempo varies considerably depending on the time of day I practice. Especially later at night, I just can't pull off things at tempos that I could manage easily earlier in the day. I'm assuming this is something others have noticed and...
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    Freddie Freeloader jam with friends

    I got together with some musician friends a couple months ago to play real book standards and recorded most of the jam. Here's a snippet of us playing Freddie Freeloader. This was recorded with a Zoom Q2N-4K that was really close to the drums, so the mix is a little drum-heavy...
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    What is this beat called?

    I'm pretty sure it hasn't been given a name. I'm talking about a rock groove with snare on 2 and rack tom on 4 and the & of 4. Think La Bamba by Los Lobos. This gets used a lot, but I don't think I've ever heard it get a name. Anyone?
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    Recent recordings

    These are a couple of unfinished tracks that I recorded drums for in the past couple of weeks. This is a bit different style of music than I typically share on this forum. This is not my gear; I'm playing the "house" drums and cymbals. These songs are incomplete. There will probably be changes...
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    Put your weird tendencies here

    I guess this is a little redundant with regard to the thread about "post your weaknesses here." Except not all tendencies are necessarily bad, maybe just idiosyncratic to you. I got to thinking about this because I record myself a lot and I find that it's a great way to gain insight into one's...
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    Come On (Let The Good Times Roll) - Jimi Hendrix cover

    This is the first time this band played this song. A couple arrangements were worked out via text message. I’m a big fan of preparation, but sometimes it’s fun to just play.
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    Straight-up rock and roll

    This is a medley of a couple tunes I played at an outdoor gig on a farm over the weekend. The camera placement is not great, but I’m still learning with this new Zoom recorder.
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    J. Geils Whammer Jammer/Hard Drivin' Man cover at a recent gig

    I played a recent show with a classic rock trio and a harp player sat in with us to do Whammer Jammer/Hard Drivin' Man. I captured the audio with my new Zoom and thought I'd share it here.