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  1. specgrade

    Are you still happy?

    And I thought ya'll were Just a bunch of drummers. Here I sit, drunk and enlighten by these pages. The bottle called and I answered. Oh well. There is always tomorrow, maybeeee.
  2. specgrade

    Which is better

    Yes. ^^^^^^
  3. specgrade

    Merry Christmas

    OH JOY!
  4. specgrade

    Holiday Season Greetings....

    Drummerworld. The gift that keeps on giving.
  5. specgrade

    INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

    Real name? N/A Age? 50 How long have you been playing? Since 1983 Origin of user name? Back of receptacle. Your top 5 drummers? They are all tops. Make of drum kit? Pearl Make of cymbal? Paiste Where do you practice? Basement Are you in a band? Not currently. Do you play covers or originals...
  6. specgrade

    Drum Sticks breaking

    I used to play with ProMark 5A hickory with a nylon tip. The shoulder would get chewed up from the snare rim. If I had a misplaced hit, I would shatter the tip or break the neck. Sticks would last weeks or months depending. I now use Vic Firth 5B Classics and so far a pair has lasted a few...
  7. specgrade

    Beginning drumming...were you supported or not supported

    My father played the guitar, steel guitar and ukulele. My mother played the piano. My sister plays the flute. I started out on the trombone (one year). My mother bought me my first pair of sticks. My father and mother bought me my first drum set and after five years, my second drum set. They...
  8. specgrade

    Internal muffler

    Some nail polish on the threads might help.
  9. specgrade

    Internal muffler

    One for the bass drum would be nice, since just about everyone muffles theirs.
  10. specgrade

    What are you listening to right now?

    But no cookies for me. 🥶
  11. specgrade

    What are you listening to right now?

    My wife. Giving me the silent treatment.
  12. specgrade

    Drool... sound like Danny Carey

    Um, no.
  13. specgrade

    Tool - Schism (drum cover)

  14. specgrade

    Anyone here tried MeetHook

    Dave Krusen is on the list. :cool:
  15. specgrade

    Anyone here tried MeetHook

  16. specgrade

    Anyone here tried MeetHook

    It says you can have "just a fun discussion" AND the first session is FREE.
  17. specgrade

    Anyone here tried MeetHook

    All the people I want to talk to are dead. I guess I will have to wait...
  18. specgrade

    What about remo drums?

    I had an Encore kit with Quadura gray wrap back in 1985. 12, 13, & 16 power toms. 14x8 snare and 16x22 bass. Drums had quick snap lugs that broke at the hinge. Dynasty hardware that was junk (stripped screws and broken tom arm). Drums were so heavy. I played on them for over fifteen years...
  19. specgrade

    What's your latest purchase?

    Neary Drum Torque.