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  1. specgrade

    Log In Not Secure?

    I go to put in my password and a message appears that my info could be compromised. Any idea what that's about?
  2. specgrade

    Tell Me Why...

    there is a bikini clad woman next to everybody's user name??
  3. specgrade

    April Fool's Day Jokes?

    Anybody got any really good April Fool's Day jokes? I'm looking for some suggestions.
  4. specgrade

    Ride On The Verse

    What would cause a drummer to use the ride cymbal on the verse of a song? Isn't the norm to use the hi-hat to keep time during the verse and the ride during the chorus and guitar solos? I have gotten used to the hi-hat during the guitar solos. I guess maybe I'm just a black and white drummer...
  5. specgrade

    Bad Impressions

    Have you ever met a pro drummer who treated you badly? Let's have some stories.