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    Omar Hakim on Roland V-Drums

    He's quite enthusiastic. Maybe someone could put up a Yamaha interview for balance.
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    Ian Paice reacts to Yoyoka Soma Burn -- Deep Purple

    Ian Paice is very impressed
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    Drumhead Live

    I thought people might be interested in Drumhead Live, Nov 21 and 22. It's a livestreamed drum festival sponsored by Drumhead Magazine. Performers include Steve Gadd, Simon Phillips, Virgil Donati, Todd Sucherman, Peter Erskine, and others. It looks to be super...
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    Roland VAD506

    Here's something new, the Roland VAD506. From what I can figure out from, it is an acoustic kit with electronic sensors and a td-27 box of electronics
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    Appreciation to Alizee Defan for promoting women's drumming

    One positive development in recent decades has been a huge explosion in women's drumming. It used to be female drummers were very rare, but now they're very common. I think there are a number of reasons for this, including feminism, online tutorials, the Hit Like A Girl Contest, and people...
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    LJ (Little Justin) Wilson

    I think 5 year old LJ Wilson could be the greatest drum prodigy since Buddy Rich. Certainly one of the best. I'm not a drummer, but I have spent time looking at videos of prodigies Yoyoka Soma and Kanade Sato when similarly young. They both had started drumming very young, and both were quite...