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    I’ve gone and done it. No more suspended floor toms!

    Almost identical to my gretsch renown sparkle set. Love the pie hour glass lugs and don't take this wrong but those legs are pretty sexy!. Way less hassle than hanging IMO.
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    you can only pick two snare drums...

    You wouldn't believe me. I loved reading all the responses.
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    Mapex Mars Pro Series

    He'll yes...i love! low to mid level kits. It's a 4 page letter. The wood gives you a darker tone. Not as ambient as full on maple but ambient isn't what I'm after. My mars pro kit was sent to precision drums for bearing edge work but it wasn't night and day. The kit LOOKS cool. Mine was the...
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    About me.

    Joshua...youve come to the right place!. It's an honor to have you. I'm fumbling with guitar..its tough for me unlike drums which were easier. Hopefully I can ask you a couple of pointers on guitar. Have a great day..and remember..nothing beats drumming! pun intended.
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    Member generosity

    I'm telling you..this hang is so amazing in so many ways!..goodmorning drum gods!..another day to talk drums and drumming!. I think you guys all frikkin rule!.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Ok? asked..Captain Beefhearts brickbats from Doc at the radar station. Not sure if any are aware of this eccentric genius.
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    Looking for a Snare Set Recommendation

    Been using them for 20 years'm
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    Which ride should I get?

    Super like Jimmy's drumming. I'll bet you a dollar that if he played a paiste 24" 2002 ride he'd crap his swimming trunks.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Best pedal made. No arguing!
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    What's on your "wishlist"?

    My wish list is permanently unavailable so I'm pretty sad.
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    Ryang here

    OK me that says the man is serious. In your first sentence you said feels Those 3 little dots befor now got me wondering did it at one point NOT feel good?. The drummers on this forum can give very informative answers on anything you'd like...
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    New Snare! 3mm Bell Brass!!

    If beauty is any indication of sound? I think you just won a trophy for most beautiful snaredrum you lucky dog!.
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    My Bongo Solo

    Um...son...if Carlos is watching you just picked yourself up a gig and I'm as serious as I can be. Nice rythmic flow..nice dynamics..nice tone. Damn...that was a treat!.
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    I'm freaked out how we both think alike.
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    what are your hobbies (legal ones ) !

    Can you call watch collecting a hobby?. Whenever Invicta had a show on shophq I'm front and center as if it's a sporting event. This fascination has been with me from the age of ten and many times it surpasses drum equiptment. It at times borders on lust. It's one of the first things I notice on...
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    The thing that's been my problem from day one. Not enough motivation. I'm a horrible procrastinator. I can be inspired but not long enough. BUT. If I'd ever taste success I'd work like a demon. Success usually means to confront everything I avoid. I'm doomed.
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    Okay, Let's Concentrate on Singles

    Befor I die I want the single stroke of Ian Paice on spacetruckin or I'll die defeated.
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    Ludwig Rocker or PDP CX

    I had a pdp cx for awhile in red sparkle. The 11x14 hanging floor was phe..nominal.
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    My first thought was server updates but at one point my paranoia set in and I'm thinking damn...i posted pretty buzzed last Saturday night and said something real real stupid and got booted.