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    Class ring curiosity

    Any of you have one?..stone Wear it while playing?. Did you marry your highschool you think back on those years with fondness or glad they are gone. I never purchased a ring but all these years later want one. Just curious about this. Oh...were you a...
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    Gold-n-times acrylic shells

    Does anyone have one? Or know of someone that has used these shells?. I've got a 6x13 clear in the basement that I've had for years. I'm going to send it to precision drums for drilling and hardware. The bearing edges are complete round overs with snare beds as deep as the ocean. It's time to...
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    Band meetings

    Anyone have get togethers..scheduled?..any heated debates over song selection?. Any mention of unsatisfactory performance or negative areas of the band?. Anyone ever leave a group after a meeting?etc etc
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    Double drummers.

    You rarely read about this on forums. No one here has done it?..thought about it?. It doesn't have to be Allman brothers type music. Ringo/Bissonette..etc. I've wanted to try this..two drummers working well together is just a band on nitrous. I've seen it (once) in a club 20 years ago but it's rare.
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    Equiptment memories

    I'm typing this off the cuff..throughout my years in drumming there have been moments concerning equiptment that have stuck with me over the many years. One was while at a drumming friends home he had a ludwig kit in the basement. It was a ludwig silver sparkle kit with a 24" zildjian ride...
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    Your ride cymbal (in review)

    1..why did you choose your particular ride cymbal. #2..leaving affordability out of the picture..what ride...price not a factor would your #1 choice be...#3..get very particular with size and why..weight and why..the bell sound you need etc. Intimate details.
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    Customizing your kit

    What little or big things do you do to make your kit look hipper to you. I've got a renown kit and am thinking of getting the USA custom bass drum claws for the bass hoop. I've never liked the natural blonde wood on the interior bass hoop on my sonor 3007 looking for a blue sparkle hoop inside...
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    Istanbul agop.

    Anyone here have thoughts on Istanbul cymbals?. I listened to a 20"agop traditional series original ride on YouTube and fell in frikkin love. I'm like hooked on that ride! and I want a 24" 2002!. Do I dare even utter this that I'm having second thoughts on the 24?. I'm the biggest paiste fanatic...
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    Impressive..BAR bands.

    Name a band or two that have made such an impression on you that you've never forgotten them. A(bar band) not weather report playing in a bar.
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    Your first band

    Who were the musicians..first names..what was your songlist like. Some gigs you played..and of course how did the name come up?.what was your kit like. Where did you rehearse..etc etc.