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    Preparing for the first gig

    So my band finally has our first show booked (it's on the 30th) and obviously I'm pretty nervous. I've only played live once, which was last year with a comedy group I was with. But this is a real show, with real bands, and I'm/we're playing stuff I'm/we're serious about. It's a 30 minute set. I...
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    New Demo!

    Hey guys! I know I haven't been too active posting-wise lately, but after taking all of your recording tips into consideration, my bandmate (yes that's singular) and I finally have a demo from a recent jam :) This was all improv so please excuse the awkward transitions on my part. I'm posting...
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    A few recording questions

    Hi all. My "band" or as I like to think of it, project, is starting to record our demo. We're both eager 17-year-olds and while I don't have much experience with recording at all, the other guy (bassist) is the sound guy at a church and has a bit of experience with recording. The issues we're...
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    Left handed cajon?

    So, after playing kit for 10 years, I've decided that I want to buy/build a cajon. I'm left-handed but play the kit right-handed for many reasons. I've read that the snares in cajons are usually placed in the top-right-hand corner, so if you hit the left corner, you get much less snare sound...