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  1. MntnMan62

    Cymbal Setup - Am I Done?

    What? No China? You’re not done.
  2. MntnMan62

    Ludwig Rocker or PDP CX

    From what I could find, early versions of the Ludwig Rockers were maple and poplar. Then the went birch and poplar. Then after 1996 they were a combination of birch, maple and poplar. Take a look at this site for more info. I was trying to buy a PDP CX kit but kept losing out to people who...
  3. MntnMan62

    What do you think of this idea

    I think you'll need to consider that it's more than just pouring the foundation walls. Since it's entirely underground, you'll need to water proof the exterior side of the foundation wall. You may also need to include some sort of water management system in case you do get water penetration...
  4. MntnMan62

    Pics of 3 up configurations?

    Yes. The 5 piece. The two added toms are used.
  5. MntnMan62

    Pics of 3 up configurations?

    I don’t think mine is the Advantage. I assume it would say that somewhere. It doesn’t.
  6. MntnMan62

    Are you still happy?

    I can sometimes understand the feeling that if only I had xxxxxxx dollars I'd be happy. But I spent 30 years working with some of the wealthiest people on the planet. Sure, some of them are, or at least appear to be, pretty happy. But there are plenty of them that are downright miserable...
  7. MntnMan62

    Pics of 3 up configurations?

    Back in 1975 when I was just getting into drums I was given my Slingerland 4 piece Stage Band kit. But lots of people were playing large kits with concert toms. I have to say I never really liked the concert tom thing. But I think I remember Danny Seraphine was playing one with concert toms...
  8. MntnMan62

    Pics of 3 up configurations?

    I didn't buy it all together. First I found a 5 piece available on FB Marketplace. It was the BD, snare, 12" and 13" mounted toms and the 16" floor tom. Then I found a guy on the West Coast selling a 4 piece kit. I was able to convince him to break it up and sell me the 10" and 14" toms...
  9. MntnMan62

    Pics of 3 up configurations?

    Here’s mine. Only purchased within the past couple of months.
  10. MntnMan62

    Parent asked me not to teach practice pad.

    I presume you have the ability to turn away students? I might ask the specific parent who made the request if they play the drums. If the answer is no, then I would tell the parent why it is important to learn the pad as well as the drum set. The pad is the foundation to be able to play on...
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    Is this what they called "anxiety problems"?

    Never underestimate lighting up a joint or filling a bowl and lighting that up, sitting back and listening to some awesome tunes and then having something insanely delicious to eat.
  12. MntnMan62

    The most beautiful drum shells finishes

    I understand what you mean about having them all together making a striking pic. When I bought my second kit I set it up next to my first kit even though there really wasn't room for them. And with them both set up next to one another I loved looking at both of them. I packed away the first...
  13. MntnMan62

    YAMAHA Steve Gadd Anniversary Snare.

    Low end. High end. Extremists. I really like the medium tuning. Nice snare too. Worth $900? Eh.
  14. MntnMan62

    Playing small tom above hi hat with traditional grip

    I'm actually hitting the cymbals, not the rod. I may have to go with smaller hats but I'd rather play around with placement before I spend money on the problem. The reality is that I probably won't be playing all 7 pieces very often. Most likely I'll be playing variations on the 6 piece format.
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    Amplifying Acoustic Drums

    When I played with my band in a number of showcases in Greenwich Village back around 2005 I was always playing the house kit. And the only drum mic'd was the bass drum. And it worked just fine.
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    Playing small tom above hi hat with traditional grip

    So, I recently bought my second kit after having the same kit for 45 years. Nothing wrong with it but felt that the two bands I was playing in before Covid will start up again soon and at least one, and hopefully both, will look to play out at some point. So I bought the kit to be my gigging...
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    Can anyone relate?

    A lot of it has to do with how you were trained to play from a young age. My first lessons were in Junior High School. The director of the music department was my teacher. Definitely a great guy. Could play a minimum of drums. Just enough to get me started. But it was matched grip. He was...
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    Can anyone relate?

    Ok. If I were a match gripper I'd tell you that those chicks are not the chicks you're looking for. You want something like this:
  19. MntnMan62

    Can anyone relate?

    And chicks dig it.