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    A vs A Custom?

    I have a choice between A Mastersounds or A Custom Mastersounds. Sonically, what's the difference? My other cymbals are K Customs and I'm looking for some hats that will mesh well with them.
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    13" K/Z hh vs 14" A Mastersound hh

    I currently have a 13" K/Z hh that I'm not crazy about. I'm a big fan of Ks and have other K cymbals, but I'm not really a fan of these 13" hats. And that Z bottom is an aquired taste. Anyone have experience with these as well as 14" A Mastersound hats? I have an opportunity to trade. What can I...
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    Getting the Gig

    I'm new to drums; however, I played bass semi professionally for 30 years. I've done a lot of things to get or keep good gigs in the past: played in a suit and tie, cut my hair, bought new gear, left my wife and child to go on the road, and more. Just wondering what other folks have gone through...
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    Do your neighbors complain?

    I'm lucky to live in a house on a corner lot, so my neighbors aren't right next to me. Still, I worry about disturbing them once I put normal heads on (currently using silent stroke heads). Do your neighbors complain about volume?
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    Adjust Pedal or Technique

    Sorry not sure if this is a pedal issue, a technique issue, or both. My bass drum pedal seems too sensitive. When I play one beat it rebounds quickly into a second unless I immediately pull my foot up. Is this the pedal being too sensitive, or is this just proper bass drum technique (pulling...
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    Sabian 23" Limited Edition Override

    Just purchased one of these behemoths used at my local music store. Jimmy Degrasso signature model, only 200 made. This thing is a beast, exactly what I needed to cut through a Marshall stack. Exceptionally loud, especially the 8" raw bell. I love this bell for its variety of tones and silky...
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    Using a ride as a crash?

    I've recently noticed a lot of hard rock drummers using a 20" ride cymbal as a dedicated low crash, as opposed to using a crash cymbal. I originally picked this up from Jean Paul Gaster and purposely bought my newest dry light ride to mimic his crash. Anyone else doing this?
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    Dry ride with rivets?

    My cymbal buying quest is, hopefully, about to come to an end. My last purchase may be a 20" Zildjian Pre Aged Dry Light Ride with three rivets. I haven't heard the cymbal yet. My only concern is the rivets. What effect do they have on the sound? Do they counter the dryness of the cymbal? Do...
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    Craigslist Score!

    Just purchased a 60s Zildjian 22" ride for $90!
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    Does size matter?

    I've noticed my favorite rock drummers play large drums and cymbals. 26" bass drums, 24" rides, etc. What effect does size bring to the sound? More volume? Better tone? More low end? Sorry for the noob question.
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    Paiste 602 ME 24" ride?

    Anyone have experience with this or other 24" rides? I found one used for a good price. I've been looking for a ride larger than 20" for a very heavy rock band. I'm wondering how this cymbal would sound with my K hats and crashes?
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    Can I reuse my BD head?

    Total noob here, so please forgive my ignorance. I just bought a kit with a brand new EMAD on the BD. I don't see a single mark on the head, and the foam is fresh and new. Inside the drum is a bedspread. I am replacing all of my drum heads with silent stroke heads, because I'm just now...
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    Toms for beginner, 1up or 2?

    Just bought a starter 5 piece. 2 toms, 1 floor. My son and I are sharing the kit. He wants to play 2up, while I just want to use 1 tom. Which is best, start out with 2 toms or 1?
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    Pathways of Motion for beginners?

    I'm brand new at learning drums. I'm not in a position to take lessons at the moment. Was wondering if Steve Smith's book/DVD would be a good place to start? Or is it too advanced?
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    Gigging on an Imperialstar?

    My first post here, so pardon my ignorance regarding drums. I just purchased a beginner kit for my son and I to learn on, Tama Imperialstar. My concern is gigging with it. If I put on some quality heads will it sound ok, or should I consider getting an intermediate kit later on for gigging? I...