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  1. Bull

    INDe Aluminum snare?

    I'm thinking about pulling the trigger. Anyone have any experience with them?
  2. Bull

    Hey,Bermuda!...Evans question

    I've seen Glen Sobel refer to a prototype in a couple of videos. It's an ST with a dot. Do you have any idea if these might be going into production?
  3. Bull

    Good Deal!!! Those are nice snares and that's about $500 off the usual street price.
  4. Bull

    Larry does it again!

    The man just gifted me a 9x13 ,3-ply, Ludwig tom for a project I am slowly working on. Coolest guy on the internet. It will be paid forward.
  5. Bull

    One Man's Trash...

    One of my friends bought a new house and is cleaning out the storage room of his current place.. His late father and brother were drummers. He told me he had a bunch of miscellaneous pieces and parts and said I could have anything I wanted . I went to check it out on Saturday and ended up with a...
  6. Bull

    "Beato" Elite Pro 3

    I recently got a new car and need some bags.I have put it off long enough. I already have some H&B Enduro cases and a few flight cases for any serious van/trailer gigging. These will be for around town. Drum Factory Direct has these really cheap ...
  7. Bull

    Need a Good,Cheap Kit?
  8. Bull

    Ordering Direct From Aquarian

    Anyone have any experience with this? Good/Bad?
  9. Bull

    Ludwig P-85ac Bermuda?

    My local Sam Ash and Guitar Center are starting to get drums outfitted with the new strainer. For some reason,the strainer still isn't available separately. Does anyone have any info on when they will be available?
  10. Bull

    I keep fighting the Emperor X.

    I've always liked their sound on my brass drums but only when I was playing alone. When I was playing with the band, I kept cranking it and cranking it to get the high end crack out of it. It felt like I was slamming a stick into a cement block all night. I quickly stopped using them. I think...
  11. Bull

    DW 9300 snare stand question.

    As we all know,some stands will deaden a rack tom. Anyone have any experience with one of these? I might pick up a used one today.
  12. Bull

    Ludwig /Remo

    Does anyone know if Ludwigs are already shipping with Remos?
  13. Bull

    Just got an Atlas mount..

    I've been using a snare stand for my rack tom for a few years. It's an older Ludwig.(early 2000s, when they were extra crappy) I had to customize it, in order to get it tall enough. I play a 26" kick. I thought i would get something more dependable and cut down on the hardware that I haul...
  14. Bull

    Burying the beater question

    My first kit had a 14"x22" kick. I always wanted something bigger with more boom.. I eventually learned that playing off the head gave me a bigger sound. Burying the beater always seemed to raise the pitch of the drum. Playing off the head just became part of my style and I never really thought...
  15. Bull

    Atlas Mount Question

    Will a Ludwig Atlas Mount fit a DW 10.5 mm L-arm?
  16. Bull

    I feel better now.

    You've all read me complaining about changing my tuning to a more novice sound guy friendly setting. I am not a fan of JAW. Yesterday,we played a benefit for a friend. A local pro volunteered his time to mix the event. So,when packing my drums,I tuned them back up to my old tensions. The band...
  17. Bull

    Remo Coating Complaint Thread #4362

    After just 8 songs.
  18. Bull

    I can't believe I did this...

    Played this snare in the store,last week. I liked it so much,I just went back and put it on layaway. It really isn't in the budget but I couldn't help myself. It's super meaty with tons of crack. The ring is very controlled for a brass shell. Should be perfect for my loud situation. The best...
  19. Bull

    Hey,Ludwig Guys....

    Know anything about these? Those prices are interesting.
  20. Bull

    I accept defeat.

    I am currently playing a 14/16/18/26 kit. I love it everything about it. I tune it kind of high,by today's standards. It sounds great from the driver's seat and better from the room mic during rehearsal recordings. Total classic hard rock sound. I have already ported the kick ,just to make...