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    Fred Astaire on Drums

    Came across a vid of Fred playing what appears to be an old Gretsch Duco.
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    Snow - Dec 17th

    So yeah. My morning How was yours?
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    Crosstown Owners - Can the snare stand hold a 13" rack tom?

    I'm considering getting a set of Crosstown hardware. Do any of you Crosstown owners have a 24" bass drum and a 13x9" rack tom? Will a Crosstown snare stand extend far enough to get the 13x9 sufficiently over the bass drum so it's not hanging out to the far left? Specs say 22.8"...
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    The new Rogers kits

    DCP has their Rogers kits up and I saw the first video. I found the bits towards the end hilarious.... The price tag threw me into a bit of a conniption. I know Bill D did the finishing work and it's a high quality Dixon repro/reimplementation, but $4300? That's a lot of cash. A...
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    Trash Can Reverb

    I found this to be a well made video about an old studio trick. I had an old clothes-wash basin back in 93 that I used to use for this... Also used to wash my coveralls in the thing.
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    Picked up some reissues today.

    When it comes to soccer, I have two semi-superpowers. 1: I can strike a ball ~100 yards... Taking a 6-yard kick, I can land a ball in the opposite net without it touching the ground, which isn't all that impressive considering it's an indirect kick. I'll occasionally get an inexperienced...
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    New Hum album

    Woke this morning to a message from my brother that Hum had released a new album on bandcamp yesterday. Listening to it now and feeling highly nostalgic, as these gents were highly influential to me in my youth. Non fans will probably know them as the band that did "Stars". Any other...
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    Anyone here using a thunderbolt interface?

    I was curious if anyone here is using a thunderbolt audio interface to record, and whether it helped performance-wise with regard to latency. I'm currently working with a Zoom R16 and an iMac and I still dread recording drums. The sound quality is spot-on. The latency, even with compensation...
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    New Zildjian "I" series.

    I think Shane's announcement will be the one most frequently echo'd.
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    Help with the Keith Moon left-lead-triplet thing

    I've been working on this a while, and the bottom line is that my KM left-lead-triplet-thing doesn't sound as good as other drummers' KM-left-lead-triplet-thing. To give an example, take a listen to Roy McDonald's rendition at the 2:30 mark... There's a return fill, followed by several bars of...
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    Original band collaboration tips?

    A number of members here play, or have played, in bands that create original music. I’m hoping you can provide me with some additional insight in how to avoid song-writing disfunction and band drama when creating new material. Any advice, including criticism, is welcome regardless how harsh it...
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    Recording to a click shenanigans

    When I sit down to record an idea for a song, I open Garageband, set the key and BPM. I lay down a scratch guitar track to the click. I lay down a scratch bass track to the click. I then lay down a drum track to the click with the guitar/bass scratch tracks. These three tracks are all to...
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    Cutting down the hat rod

    The more I move around the kit, the more I seem to catch a stick on the excess rod above my hat. I'm thinking of pruning it. I figure I should attach a cowbell or other accessory and make the cut a half inch above that. Do you cut it? What made you realize it was time to cut it? Where did...
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    What to do when audience starts crying?

    Played an impromptu gig last night for some friends in an old-timey pub. Mostly drums but played a couple where I was acoustic-guitar/Vox. About halfway through a moderately emotional song when I made the mistake of thinking I had to make eye-contact with the audience. I look up and three of...
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    RIP -- D.J. Fontana Sadly, Elvis's drummer has left the building.
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    Sold my Black Beauty

    My BB had been sitting on the shelf for a year since the George Way arrived. Sold it today via CL to a gent today in the Parkway Music parking lot. Took the proceeds and immediately bought.....
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    The death of the Mom/Pop shop (for me)

    Parkway Music is 28 mins away from me. I'd consider it to be the pinnacle of the quintessential private music store. Great selection, friendly staff, good service. I'm just about out of sticks and strings, so I figured I'd run over and buy my yearly stock. I pack my daughter in the van and...
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    An argument in favor of dampening.

    Came across this tonight, and really found myself liking the artistic over-application of dampening. What a neat sonic choice. (note: this is definately not a live performance)
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    Rick Beato -- Is the man!

    Been watching Rick's series "What makes this song great". While it is song centric and covers all of the tracks, it does feature some drum specific conversation.. Steely Dan example: Police example: Take...
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    Garden Hose Reverb

    Yeah, that's right. Not a typo.