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  1. junglelord

    Three Minutes of Sonor Signature Happiness

    Just messing around, but loving every minute of it.
  2. junglelord

    Sonor Signature, Max Webster
  3. junglelord

    Sonor Designer Five Star Kit by the Light of Day

    The sun was shining and I had my friends video, so I took a youtuber of my kit.
  4. junglelord

    Rythym Room Drum Circles

    I found out that I could load videos from my friends video camera that were in a different format then Youtube, to Youtube. So here is a example of one of our drum circles last summer. I am playing the blocks and cowbells......more cowbell. :lol:
  5. junglelord

    Sonor Signature, AC/DC, Supertramp

    War Machine Big Jack Oh Darling
  6. junglelord

    Sonor Clinic, Chris Sutherland Inspired, Kim Mitchell Tribute

    Thanks for the inspiration Chris. Here are some videos I made of my jam today after some metronome practice. :D To you and Kim. This was totally off the cuff, I had not listened to this for a while. I also had one skip a bit, but I even followed that... :lol: Check / High Class In...
  7. junglelord

    Sonor Signature, Aerosmith, Nobodys Fault

    Sonor Signature, Aerosmith, Nobodys Fault
  8. junglelord

    Sonor Signature, If You Could Read My Mind Love/Brandy
  9. junglelord

    Devil Woman, Sonor
  10. junglelord

    Sonor Signature, Rush Something For Nothing
  11. junglelord

    Rush Virtuality
  12. junglelord

    Roland V-Drums Contest

    My good friend Gary Grace, who originally lived in our town, was one of two finalist at the montreal drum fest last week. Still waiting to find out who won.
  13. junglelord

    Sonor Signature, Sonor Five Star

    Sonor Signatures, Rush Anthem ( I had a little trouble hearing it, so I was playing in my head the whole way, with two or three slip-ups) Sonor Five Star Designer, Drumsolo 1, Neil Peart Influence Sonor Five...
  14. junglelord

    New Setup

    I lowered my cymbals and changed the angle of my toms....
  15. junglelord

    Teaching Video

    I am going to be teaching post graduate classes come the fall. Working on some stuff in my head about getting the work out there on youtube. So I tried an example video.
  16. junglelord

    Canopus Zelkova, Spirit of 2002

    Try this, Canopus Zelkova, Spirit of 2002
  17. junglelord

    Sonor Signature Videos

    The video sounds like crap, a few mistakes, I have not listened to this tune in a few years, so I played it off the cuff. :lol: Grace to Grace Ghost of a Chance / My Favorite Headache!
  18. junglelord

    Sonor Signature - Heartbreaker
  19. junglelord

    Roland TD 6V
  20. junglelord

    Sonor Five Star - Magical Marc's Munch!

    Sonor Five Star - Magical Marc's Munch!