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  1. Swissward Flamtacles

    What cost you more? Your gear or your lessons?

    A follow-up thread to the car thread! We also had this discussion recently about whether it's worth it to take lessons if you don't make money playing the drums. I've bought pretty much everything used and when I sold things, I mostly made a small profit that probably covers the things I had to...
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    Sticking with sticks or switching sticks

    Not sure if this has been a topic yet... I don't have a single stick model that I use all the time. Since I rarely break sticks, I have a bunch of good and pretty varied sticks that accumulated over the years. Using different ones seems to have been a pretty good (unintentional) exercise - not...
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    Looking for a long cowbell holder for mounting on the bass drum hoop

    I play 18" or 20" bass drums and sit pretty high, so the cowbell ends up pretty low / below my knees. Is there a model with a longer rod so that I can get the cowbell to a more convenient height? Manufacturers / Stores don't seem to provide the length, so I guessed that some of you guys might...
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    Mel Lewis Interviews with Loren Schoenberg - History of Jazz Drumming 23+ hours back online

    These used to be online before but they were taken down and only a few have been available on youtube. But now you can listen to these fantastic interviews with Mel Lewis again! You can even download the individual files by right clicking on the audio players...
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    Intriguingly difficult feels

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    Show us your storage solutions

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    Kiko Freitas

    No thread yet?
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    Airto Moreira - The Spirit of Percussion - Anybody has it?

    I was looking for this book but there is pretty much nothing. Does anybody have it or know how it is? Mostly percussion or also drum set? By the way: Is there really no thread on him in the Drummers subforum?
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    How about "Best threads" stickies as FAQs?

    With so many recurring questions and good information scattered across different threads, why not have a sticky in each section where we collect great threads for different topics to keep osbolete topics down? If this gets out of hand, hopefully someone will be nice enough to compile the...
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    Recommend some drummers that are not yet on drummerworld

    I mean the great selection of drummers here of course: Maybe we can make this a collection of other great drummers or a wish list for the main page! Steve Ellington: Bill Goodwin
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    Practicing with a mirror

    This gets mentioned on here every now and then but I don't know if there is a dedicated thread to it. There is the 'useful gear that flies under the radar' thread on here and my tongue-in-cheek response was 'a mirror' because I rarely see them in practice rooms. Now I didn't begin with a mirror...
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