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    Tama Sizzle Touch Drop Clutch

    This is the real deal. It's the drop clutch I've been wanting for the last decade or two. Some years back I modified a DW drop clutch to perform similarly, but it was much less elegant and harder to adjust (the only way to make spring adjustments was either by swapping the spring or snipping...
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    New Hats Day

    I picked up some gently used Bosphorus Turk Series 15" Dark hats the other day. This is my first experience with this brand, and my first real Turkish cymbal(s) since an Istanbul K I had back in the late 90s. I made a demo vid:
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    Unexpected Craigslist fun

    Saturday I went to visit what turned out to be an acquaintance of mine who was selling off some cymbals. I wasn't aware that I knew him, so that was an added bonus. I loaded my bag up with some of my own so I could compare and contrast. I was primarily looking for some combination of...
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    I get to go Pickin'

    A local guy is clearing out a hoard of cymbals. I'm not looking to buy much, but I'm looking for some darker/drier/softer hats and a crash or two along those lines as well. My experience lies mostly with the Sabian catalog, so if anybody could help me narrow down my 'try' list, that would be...
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    World's first bionic drummer 7 minute or so video on a guy using a robotic prosthetic to use a drumstick. That's not the only impressive technology with possible game changing ramification - the robot playing mallets is kind of amazing too.
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    Tama Linear Drive Strainer

    I've got one of these that just won't stay engaged under any kind of playable tension. After taking it apart, I'm guessing that perhaps the spring that pushes the nodule into the detent could probably stand replacing. The exploded diagram on Tama's site doesn't go into the internals of the...
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    Help me build my monitoring rig

    I'm looking to put together a submixing/monitoring rig for myself. Things I need the mixer to be able to do: Receive click from 1/4" jack Receive input from electronic percussion controller, also send to FOH Receive a feed from the main board Output that to my in-ears, after a limiter, and...
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    I'm working on downsizing my primary kit. Currently I'm playing two up, two down, with a side snare. Two rides, two crashes, two chinas, two splashes, an o-zone, almost all rack mounted. Well, I'm working on ditching the rack or maybe just using the wings, going 1up/1down with the side snare...
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    Tama Starclassic B/B Rig

    Got a new phone recently, and thought I'd take some pictures of my full kit as I was over at the rehearsal space picking up some things for the backline I'm providing tomorrow. I played around with some of the settings here and there. I use a few different configurations, but this is the...
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    G12/G14 on toms?

    I've taken on a new gig and I'm outfitting my B Kit accordingly. I'm not really decided on where to go with my toms. Tonally, the material is from processed 80's funk to some more greasy stuff like JJ Grey and Mofro. I figure my usually G2 over G1 will be fine, but I was curious what I could...