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    My new dog

    my guy Atticus is a 5.5 months old rottenweiler. Our first guy Caesar passed away last September at 14
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    Go Bucks!

    Yeah I wasn’t too excited about the season but yeah what a catch and throw!
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    Hot stuff drummer Donna Summer

    Who is it? Searched can’t find
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    Tony Williams

    Wow, now I get it. Out of this world
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    Sensitone question

    After searching for 15 minutes I can’t find if the sensitone is rolled and welded or spun like Ludwig
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    RIP Frankie Banali Fuck cancer. Did not realize the great Frankie was 68, loved his playing.
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    Keith Moon

    When he was “on” I don’t think there’s a soul around that could duplicate this
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    I thought I saw all of his videos and holy sh!t I have never seen him play so fast. The singles are mind boggling. Mangini, Dennis, Vinnie, Lang etc are blazing but BR is not of this earth