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  1. wildbill

    Drum set finish - yea or nay?
  2. wildbill

    GC - today's daily pick

    Don't know anything about these, but they're on sale today only - Feb.7, 2021. The Daily Pick is something different every day.: Pearl Powershifter Double Bass Drum Pedal $119.99 Regular Price: $229.99
  3. wildbill

    For Pearl People

  4. wildbill

    Guitar Center Daily Pick

    Currently about 16 hours left. Ludwig Evolution Maple 6-Piece Shell Pack Transparent Blue $599.99 Save $399.01 Was: $999.00
  5. wildbill

    2021 NAMM Drum Gear

    You can look if you're a human :ROFLMAO: (I had to verify)
  6. wildbill

    Tama Cocktail Jam Mini

    Kind of an interesting take on the cocktail kit (on the right):
  7. wildbill

    tried a poll - not working

    Yep - polls aren't working. :unsure:
  8. wildbill

    Frankenstein 18x14 bass drum

    Sometimes you get an idea far enough out there that you know you'll have to do it yourself (or pay someone else to do it). I ran across an inexpensive 18x14 Pearl Forum bass that seemed like it might work. Just got it yesterday and have been working on it, but I'm not finished yet. First thing...
  9. wildbill

    2020 Black Friday Deals

    If you're browsing stuff and happen upon a good deal, maybe post it up here. (Edit - this one's gone) Just saw this, and think it'd be a good deal for someone: $199 till 11/29 - MSRP is $469...
  10. wildbill

    Out Of Round

    Taking bets and open to ideas. I noticed when putting a reso head on a bass drum that it was an extremely tight fit and I had to work it on a little at a time. Used a rubber hammer to get it back off again. I've never had an out of round drum before, but thought I should measure it. Sure...
  11. wildbill

    Modifying a Tom Mount

    Simple job with the right parts, but I thought I'd show it in case someone finds it useful. Ludwig and Yamaha have different size shafts for the mounts - 1" and 7/8" respectively. The 1" will slide right over the 7/8", but it is free to spin around until secured. So basically, just cut off a...
  12. wildbill

    Would you buy a bass drum........

    Update - see post #23 - page 2 that's not your favorite size, but that you have a lot of spare heads for? I've had several 18" bass drum bop kits, and when I had them, I picked up extra heads for them. Heads are expensive nowadays, but used (lightly) ones don't sell. I much prefer a 20"...
  13. wildbill

    Cheap Thrills

    $100 - Ludwig Accent - 22/13/16 Since I got back into drumming, I've been focused on 18" bop kits, and 20/10/12/14 kits. Decided to remember what I've been missing, and when asked what sizes work good, I always say 20/10/12/14 or 22/13/16, so when this turned up, I decided to give it a go. The...
  14. wildbill

    Daily Pick from GC

    8/15/2020 Simmons SD200 electronic kit - $199.99
  15. wildbill

    Stupid deal - 8/8/2020

    About 10 hours left. Simmons DA200SB Electronic Drum Set Monitor with Bluetooth - was $399.99, now $174.99
  16. wildbill

    Casio (Interstate Music) News

    They found a buyer: Their ebay store now shows no inventory with the new owners name alongside. Probably will be changing soon...
  17. wildbill

    Sweetwater Gear Fest

    For 2 days. They've got some drum/cymbal stuff here: Lots of stuff in other departments too.
  18. wildbill

    Forums for musicians to discuss political or controversial issues

    List them here. The only one I know of is Harmony Central Political Party: You have to contact the administrators to get in though. They want to keep it members only, I guess, because it can get a bit rough...
  19. wildbill

    Alan Abel's Death (and life)

    His accomplishments deserve a serious look: Please keep this thread on-topic if you have anything to say about it.
  20. wildbill

    Ludwig Classic Oak

    and lots of other good Ludwig stuff here: The configuration designer, Outfitter looks intersting. I put it in the 2020 NAMM thread too, but I think the Classic Oaks should have their own thread. Is this replacing the Keystone X...