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    Playing in Drag--Bermuda!

    Wanna explain that one? haha Just saw the Weird Al Biograpy Channel show, and I'm impressed with the band more then ever. The extent of your musicianship, and everyone else's really shines in the show. Kudo's. So, what's in the works?
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    Phase shift effect with drums

    I heard Itchygoo Park (sp?) by the Small Faces on the radio this morning and it reminded me that I've always wondered how phase shifting is done with drums? Unlike a guitar where the entire signal is sent through the effect, this doesn't happen with a drum or cymbal, yet there doesn't seem to be...
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    "Technical Music"

    I'm curious of how others define this. I was talking to a metal drummer at a GC earlier that said he plays "technical" music. After talking to him more he defined his music as "technical" because of long, involved songs with a lot of time signature changes. I agree that what he described sounded...
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    Video Editing Software

    I picked up a digital video camera for my grandaughter for Christmas and like it enough that I picked one up for myself. I would like to be able to edit unwanted stuff from the recordings and add text if that's possible. I'm hoping or assuming something worthwhile along the lines of Garage Band...
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    Ipods and mp3 players question

    My grandaughter wants a Jonas Brothers and Hanna Montana CD along with an MP3 player for Christmas. I've been looking at mp3 players and the Ipods are substantially more then the other players. What I don't know and would like to know is if the ipod is worth the extra money? Can anyone help?
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    The Moeller Book

    There's been a lot of discussion here on DW about Moeller and I'm curious about how many people actually have his book, "The Moeller Book?" Also, Stick Control by Stone comes up a lot, but how many have and use his book, "Accents and Rebounds." I believe Stone referred to this book as "Stick...
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    Anybody play the Marimba?

    I've been looking for a latin drumming teacher with no luck, but I ran into a community college music teacher today that offered me marimba lessons. I took him up on his offer because it sounds interesting, but I really don't know anything about the instrument except they're darn expensive and...
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    Midi\Synth Keyboard.and trigger question?

    I've never used triggers before, but I was given a Korg M1 and can it be used as a control for triggers? I know almost next to nothing about electronic drums.
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    Drummerworld survey or spyware?

    I just logged out of Drummerworld and what appeared to be an drummerworld sponsered survery came up. I answered it thinking it was site related and site sponsered, but when I finished it an ad for various "herbal procucts" appeared. Was this site related or spyware spam? Anyone know? Thanks.
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    Ludwig Colesum Snare

    I have this snare and didn't even know it was a coleseum until today. Does anyone know anymore about the snare then what is stated here? I assume it's a maple snare, but I reallly don't know. It"s a great snare except for the throw off which sucks. I never would have guessed it had this kind of...
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    Portable Digital Recorders

    Is anyone using one? Any opinions on which ones are good for recording praticing drums and rehearseals? I'd like to pick one up this weekend and keep it under $300 which I know is going to limit the choices. Thanks.
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    Jarreau, Sample and Amazing Gadd Solo

    The song's "Spain." I'd never heard this before so I thought maybe others haven't either.
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    Real Books

    I don't know much about the real books for jazz, but are the drum charts in them?
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    Bernhard--Something for the teachers

    Is there any chance of starting a new forum topic for teachers to introduce themselves, give their locations and a discussion of skills or specialization? Drummers looking for teachers can then do a search by location. I've been trying to find a teacher for latin drumming and I've had no luck...
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    How good is your memory?

    Do you remember all the songs you've played? I went to a big pinic jam over the weekend with most of the gang of us that played back in high school.That was 37 years ago. I wasn't alone in the forgetting, but I was surprised at how much I didn't remember. Melodys, rhythms and beats I remembered...
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    New Orleans Drumming DVD

    I'd like to pick this up, but no one I've talked to can tell me anything about the DVD. I love Herlin Riley's drumming but I prefer instructional DVD's rather then DVD's that primarily consist of playing only. I'm not sure what's on this DVD. Can anyone tell me anything about the DVD and\or have...
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    Anywhere other then myspace to upload music?

    The title says it. Is there anywhere other then myspace to upload music to? I just got copies of songs I played on for some friends and if I wanted to put a link up here on "Your Playing", where can I put it besides myspace?
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    Old Slingerland D Parts Kit For Sale on Ebay

    I've been looking for an old Slingerland throw off but came across this is anyone has a vintage Slingerland Kit. This seems to be one hell of a deal for a buy it now price of $150. The D kit even included lugs...
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    Olympic drumming and more Moeller

    Some may find this interesting if you're into the history and mechanics of drumming:
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    "Inverted" Rudiment History

    For the "older" drummers, when did you first come across "inverted" rudiments. When did inverted rudiments become part of drumming lexicon and does anyone know the history? Is there a formula, or whatever, for inverting rudiments? For example, for an inverted flamadiddle, what is the correct...