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    Suspension mounts & floor tom legs - Sound influence

    There are several of these videos out there but thought this one was pretty good and fun topic of discussion. Interesting how different designs behave entirely differently though have the same intent. Personally, I've uses RIMs (trad design or mounted to lug), Pearl's original suspension mount...
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    Practice Spaces

    For those who are renting out a monthly space, what are you paying, the sq ft. and are you sharing the space to cover cost? Any creative arrangements? Prices are area dependent but would be interesting to hear even outside US. Thanks in advance!
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    Drummer's curse

    There several curses that come to mind; first being ton of gear to always lug around and the space needed from drums. This comes with the territory and just an acceptance for the love of the instrument. The 2nd curse that comes to mind is multi-tracking and an engineer that can change an...
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    Two 22"s set up

    Just curious if anyone has multiple 22" in their setups or their thoughts. I think it comes down to being a ride whore why I'm considering it but it takes up more space...I've usually prefer 20s that I can ride/crash and actually fit more. I generally don't like the idea of switching 22 (one...
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    18" rides

    Crashable 18" rides I think they are some of the most versatile cymbals. I'd like to hear more of what is out there so share if you have any 18s; even crashes used as rides but I think it's usually better to have a crashable ride than a ridable crash Pre-aged K Zildj. 18" - One of my favorites...
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    Snare wire thread

    Hello fine drummer people, I'm curious what people use for snare wires or what they like since their are so many choices for so many different snares and I think this is a great cost-effective way to upgrade your snare sound. I see DCP recommends Canopus which I'm leaning towards their vintage...
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    Are Solid-Shell Snares worth the money?

    Edit: I'm not looking for purchasing advice, we all know it's subjective. This is just an opinion question for discussion. Mono-ply, single-ply, solid-shell.... I've only played a few, never owned but have watch a million videos. The range I see is $1000-2500 new which could buy many other...